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Ohio Income Tax Information Notice. This Google Translate feature is provided for informational purposes only. Transportation Questionnaire.

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Business Personal Property Tax. Office Closings and Holidays.

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Form used to apply for an extension of time to file the corporation income tax return, and to remit any tax that may be due. Unclaimed Property Reporting. Ohio Department of Taxation Mailing Addresses. Form and instructions used by corporations or pass-through entities to calculate the amount of interest and penalty for failure to pay the required amount of estimated income tax when due.

Forms are available for downloading in the other sections below. Business Tax Forms and Instructions. They may not be used to conduct official business with the agency, future grace piper pdf and will not be accepted by the agency in lieu of official English or Spanish forms.

What Happens if I Dont Pay. Form used by pass-through entity filers to determine the distributable cash flow limitation for nonresident members. Please consult with a translator for accuracy if you are relying on the translation or are using this site for official business. Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements.

Income Tax Return Form used to apply for an extension of time to file the pass-through entity income tax return, and to remit any tax that may be due. Booklet Title Description Corporation. File returns and make payments for multiple clients under one registration. Filing Withholding Reports. Business Registration Forms.

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Form used to claim selected business tax credits against corporation, personal or fiduciary income tax, or employer withholding tax tax-exempt organizations only. What's New for the Tax Filing Season.

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Admissions and Amusement Tax. Fiduciary Income Tax Return. Ohio Department of Taxation. Transportation for Hire Questionnaire. Form for corporate and pass-through entity filers to use to submit payment of any balance due on an electronically filed return, if the filers do not pay by credit card or direct debit.

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Free Income Tax Preparation. Form used by a corporation and certain other organizations to file an income tax return for a specific tax year or period. Form and instructions used to apply for a tax credit for businesses that operate or conduct business in Maryland and hire certain workers for newly-created or certain vacant positions in Maryland. Form used to determine the amount of addition and subtraction modifications that are required as a result of Maryland's decoupling from certain federal provisions listed on the form. Income Tax Payment Voucher.