Abbottabad Commission Report Pdf

Omar Saeed character is supposedly in some Pakistani Jail. These are all Imaginations media itself wasn't provided with any videos or some reasonable proof. Denial is the national song of Pakistan.

Military failures revealed by Bin Laden raid Leaked report obtained by Al Jazeera details Pakistan's inability to defend its borders. America is fight war away from its shores. It is now obvious that the country has capitulated totally and has lost all dignity as a nation.


It contained three complexes. Pakistan being so thin also greatly helps.

Redirected from Abbottabad commission. He is the one who purchased a plot in Abbottabad by using a fake identity card and also supervised the construction of the house, nike marketing strategy pdf which says a source was custom built. Dawn has learnt that the commission has pointed out the violations committed by the residents of the Abbottabad House which remained unchecked by the authorities at the local level. The commission made several findings. The page report was prepared after the commission interviewed witnesses and reviewed documents.

It is very unfortunate for the commission that they have to wrap up the useless report, mainly due to change of govt. If you run a banana republic, why be offended when you are treated as such. Was that why Daniel Pearl had to be silenced?

Findings of Abbottabad Commission How US reached Osama - Pakistan

Abbottabad Commission Report

Rules of engagement in a war are different. Nasser and Hosni Mubarak destroyed Egypt. During the regime of Mussharraf we heard him saying or shouting from loud speakers that Osama was not hiding in Pakistan. The way by America's sacrifices has shifted to the shores of Pakistan, China, India and Afghanistan herself. There is no emphasising how Osama lived in Pakistan for so many years.

The untold story of how behind-the-scenes deals prevented Palestinians from exploiting valuable natural resources. Examining Pakistan's Bin Laden dossier Al Jazeera exclusively leaks report of Pakistani investigation into Osama bin Laden's life and death in the country. The story of Abbotabad justified it. The house never needed any maintenance?


That is the whole story, rest all is drama and lies. No wonder they will continue with their attacks with the connivance of our own agencies. His living in Abbatobad is mysterious without the knowledge of isi as elite military complex is very close.

This report should have been more specific about those who were directly involved in all this build up episode. The report does not explain anything about Dr. Was there even a picture of him leave alone a video footage?

That said, same is the situation in Pak. No bod, no Pakstani Commmission will ever explore or anser these questions? Better you stay quiet unless you want a knock on the door. An investigation into the behind-the-scenes turmoil during the final days of Mohamed Morsi's presidency. This statement came when a visa scam was unearthed in Pakistan by the British tabloid The Sun.

Pakistan need to change team culture to match India. Apparently, this was not the case. The commission was led by Justice Javed Iqbal of the Pakistani Supreme Court, a retired police officer, a diplomat and an army general.

Parts of the report duly recommended a trial against the medical doctor-turned spy, Dr. Tourists can hike from Utror forest to the Izmis base camp through the Chinaitshing meadows and Kalam Banda.

Due to this menace the whole of Pukhtoon Khwa in particular and the country at large seem a deserted villge. Managing politics has a fairly standard template by now. They killed the guards over there.

Juniors or very junior officers were tools. The singe will be felt by us after America leaves. There is a heck of a lot going on and the numbers are so great that it has not been possible to control it fully. No one saw who he really was.

No country or a people worth its salt, that is strong inside allows anyone to come in and manipulate. The people of Pakistan at least deserve the truth if not revenge! The final report was based on public testimonies and was prepared by the Senior Justice Javid Iqbal. Was he supported by our Government?

Why and how Americans were able to penetrate defenses, reach deep inside our territory and carry out such a big operation while our forces did nothing. Get out of the denial mode bro, it helps to improve nation's collective intelligence.

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But we must not forget the Mir jaffars and his likes. Equally sure that others would consider him to be a hero.

Document Pakistan s Bin Laden Dossier