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If you want to display text that does not change, you use the literal text. This attribute specifies whether the table tags or the normal html flow to use while formatting the list when it is rendered.

Text box controls are typically used to accept input from the user. The ValidationSummary control is reporting control, how can i save pdf forms which is used by the other validation controls on a page.

Your feedback and constructive contributions are welcome. The actual width is determined based on the font that is used for the text entry. You can have a RequiredFieldValidator control for each form element on which you wish to enforce Mandatory Field rule. If you want check box or radio button to be selected when the form is initially displayed, set its Checked attribute to true. Data format, data type and data range is used for validation.

The main advantage is that it prevents a page from being postback to the server until the client validation is executed successfully. The CustomValidator Control can be used on client side and server side. These lists can be loaded either by code or by the ListItemCollection editor. The collection of ListItem objects that represents the items in the control. To write CustomValidator on server side you override ServerValidate event.

Please share it if you know more about this article. At any cost server validation will work always whether client validation is executed or not. It is used to validate complex expressions. If it is true this methods is executed.

To validate user input data. The server side validation you write does not need to provide the exact same validation as that of the client side validation. These expressions can be phone number, email address, zip code and many more. It can most commonly be used when you need to confirm password entered by the user at the registration time. Usually, Validation is invoked in response to user actions like clicking submit button or entering data.

The RangeValidator Server Control is another validator control, which checks to see if a control value is within a valid range. The default is SingleLine. The ListItemCollection Editor is used to add item to a drop-down list or list box. If more than one item is selected, then the index of the first selected item.


Validation controls are used to, Implement presentation logic. If the Checked attribute is set to true for multiple radio buttons in a group, then only the last one is considered as true. Label controls provide an easy way to display text which can be changed from one execution of a page to the next. Compares the value of one input control to the value of another input control or to a fixed value. This property returns an object of type ListItemCollection.

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Why we use validation controls? The CompareValidator control allows you to make comparison to compare data entered in an input control with a constant value or a value in a different control. The client side validation can check for the user input data for range and type and server side validation can check for matching of data with database. To work with the items in a drop-down list or list box, you use the Items property of the control. So you have a safety of validation check.

List boxes and drop-down lists contain one or more list items. The data is always case sensitive.

The width of the text box in characters. User's input must always be validated before sending across different layers of the application.

Simply set the ValidationExpression property to any type of expression you want and it will validate it. If more than one item is selected, then the value of the first selected item. The image control is used for displaying images on the web page, or some alternative text, if the image is not available. To set it differently you must create a list item object and then add that item to the collection.

If you don't find your desired regular expression, you can create your custom one. You should rely more on server side validation. Each ListItem object represents one item in the list. Validation is important part of any web application. This property returns a ListItemCollection object which contains all the items of the list.

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Specifies the number of items displayed in the box. Server validation will only performed when CauseValidation is set to true. Ensures that the value of an input control matches a specified pattern. Using RegularExpressionValidator server control, you can check a user's input based on a pattern that you define using a regular expression. The RequiredFieldValidator control is simple validation control, which checks to see if the data is entered for the input control.

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Page has a Validate method. The value of the currently selected item. Using Regular Expression Validator is very simple. The bulleted list control creates bulleted lists or numbered lists. The index of the currently selected item.

Validate executes each validation control. The height of a multi-line text box in lines. Allows you to write a method to handle the validation of the value entered. These control let a user choose from one or more items from the list. These controls contain a collection of ListItem objects that could be referred to through the Items property of the control.

It specifies the direction in which the controls to be repeated. Checks that the user enters a value that falls between two values. Specifies the type of text box. This is used to create a static list of items. If actual list contains more rows than displayed then a scroll bar is added.

If more than one group is required in a single form, then specify a different group name for each group. The values available are Horizontal and Vertical. Client side validation is considered convenient for users as they get instant feedback.

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Both server side and client side validation can be used for total solution. Validation is important part of the user interface of a Web application. But if you still don't find solution you can create your own custom validator control. To display the collection editor, select edit item from the smart tag menu, or select the control and then click the ellipsis button from the Item property in the properties window.