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They work for a variety of topics and levels, so you can plan your lessons in no time. Students ask questions to each other to try to guess what problem they have. All students read stories at some point!

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In pairs, students ask discussion questions to practice superlatives and comparatives. But, make it difficult enough that it can be challenging to complete correctly. Print the cartoon and cut up the vignettes.

Top 12 ESL Activities for Adult Beginners

The following activities are relatively short, with minimal materials preparation time for the teacher. Everyone loves a good video! Your students have to be at a high enough level to form and ask each other simple questions. Printable Worksheets, Online Quizzes, and More sponsor. Use it to practice idioms, phrasal verbs, and more.

Motivating speaking activities for lower levels

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Speaking activity to practice reported speech. Planning time has been shown to increase production in speaking tasks. Discussion activities often begin with questions. Of course, you should do some lead-in activities, as well as follow-up activities so your students get the most value from the lesson.

Tell them not to show anyone their answer yet. In this exercise, the sentences are scrambled and the students must put the words in the correct order. You can put students into a team if you think it may be a bit difficult for them to do this activity alone.

Tell the class the topic e. Put students in pair or small groups. Procedure Write a list of questions one per student in your class relating to your chosen topic.

What are they saying to each other? Put BusyTeacher in your inbox. Give students time to plan what they are going to say. Feedback and ask students what they found out.

If there is dialogue or captions, blank it out. Or, you can make your own in just a few minutes. Also be sure to contact us with any questions that you might have about teaching English. These worksheets are great to use for your lessons because they come in many different styles and formats.

Expressions Related to Transport Awder. Pre-teach or revise structures for definitions, e.

This lesson plan is easy to adapt for all levels, and is perfect for helping students practice their skills. Students complete a crossword puzzle in pairs to review vocabulary. Speaking activity for English class in which students decide which sentences are true or false about their classmates. Ice breaker to get students to talk about the conditionals. Students love to play them!


The more vignettes and more elements in the story, the more difficult the task. Procedure Write a selection of adjectives relating to feelings on the board. View our latest knowledgebase articles that will help you become a better English teacher.

You can preview the worksheets you want to use before you download them. Students personalise the discussion by talking about experiences and feelings. The Brainstorming Game Flavia.

Each team has one minute to define as many words as possible. Find a training course for your needs. This drama is about a television talent show called World Talent, where contestants from around the world compete to see who is the most talented performer.

Beauty and Physical Appearance Yasaman. Students propose ideas in meeting of cabinet ministers. Students must work collaboratively to put the story together in the right order. Definitions lists This activity is good for activating existing vocabulary or revising vocabulary studied in previous lessons.

This activity is good for practising questions and for fluency practice on a range of topics. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

You can make it as easy, or as difficult as you want for the student, making it a nice choice for absolute beginners. The good news is that you can adapt it to any level from the total beginner to the most advanced. This is easy to do with intermediate or advanced level students, type of electrical transformer basics pdf but easier said than done with beginners. Speaking activity for English class in which paired students see who can speak the longest.

Thank you for the great book! This is a speaking activity. These can be used in class in a number of ways.

Along the way, you'll become a valuable BusyTeacher. Just ask my students-I use them at least once a month in every single one of my classes. Students tell stories to describe how they got a health problem. Now students work in pairs or groups of three and define their words to each other. Perhaps some example follow-up questions on the board?

Top 12 ESL Activities for Adult Beginners