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Wouldn't two drunks walk out of a bar, sir? Marjorie Bota, President of the World Congress. Accepting this fact, Andrew decides to become human. Sometimes it skips a generation.

But the one you love is still there. One gathers that is a good thing. You don't know exactly how long I'll last? Welcome to the human condition.

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You are outside of it entirely. To find out what you feel.

Thank you for listening to me. If I'm jealous, that means I'm in love. Robots don't eat dinners in fancy restaurants. Get out of here, you piece of scum! As you can see, Madam Chairman, I am no longer immortal.

One would like to pull one's own. Or, possibly, there was a female chicken on the other side, if it's a male chicken. That shouldn't stop Portia. It's everything they say it is.

Obviously not that smart if it ends up as bacon. Otherwise what are you doing sneaking around here, spying on Portia, huh? Would you like me to teach you how to play a duet?

But sir, I don't wish to leave. Nothing's wrong, nothing at all. Two cannibals were eating a clown.

Bicentennial Man Script

Do you feel like you're ready for that? It's considerably more than an upgrade. One could not tell you, sir.

Oh, then you should love them. You've given him hundreds of books to read. Does this involve a window? One merely wishes to be declared free. Let's try something simpler, Andrew.

He's got funny teeth, huh? Can't-Can't you turn it off or something, please? Meanwhile, he maintains contact with Amanda, who grew up, got married, had a son named Lloyd, got divorced, and now has a granddaughter named Portia.

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Bicentennial Man begins with promise, proceeds in fits and starts, and finally sinks into a cornball drone of greeting-card sentiment. Bicentennial Man Promotional poster. Robin Williams spends the first half of the film encased in a metallic robot suit, and when he emerges, clonezilla manual pdf the script turns robotic instead. Wonderful to see you again.

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What is it exactly that you want? But property is also important. Feingold, will be happy to sue you. Are you not in some way artificial, at least in part?

Bicentennial Man (1999) Movie Script

Your respiration rate has doubled. But that's not enough for you, is it? He gains a nervous system and other organs that make him able to eat, to feel emotions and sensations, and also to have sexual intercourse.

Andrew, this is remarkably impressive. Thank you for choosing NorthAm Robotics. You see, sooner or later you'll have to bring it in for repairs.

So as not to offend humans, we'd better find something that's not overly artistic. Someone totally magnificent, someone who walks into a room and lights it up like the sun? Oh, that would be quite splendid.

One can see that would create a complication. Will you do something for me?

And those, Andrew, are the so-called facts of life. You were dancing in the market. Now the rudeness makes sense.

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