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Elapsed Time Black bars displayed on the top and bottom edges of the screen indicate image areas not recorded. Press and hold the m button, and then immediately press the n button.

Low-level formatting erases all data on a memory card. Press the m button to start playback. Turn the camera on, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. After you choose to view one of those images, the camera offers four more images. Page Viewing Still Images Movies Viewing After shooting images or movies, you can view them on the screen as follows.

Press the opqr buttons to choose a language, and then press the m button. Display images in an index. Page Menu n Menu Configure a variety of camera functions through other menus as follows. Press the p button, press the qr buttons to choose an effect level, and then press the m button.

For details on the information displayed, see p. Once the setting is complete, h is displayed. Once the setting is complete, grid lines are displayed on the screen.

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This feature is called Focus Lock. However, the recording may sound unnatural when this option is used when there is no wind. Page Specific Scenes Still Images Movies Specific Scenes Choose a mode matching the shooting scene, and the camera will automatically configure the settings for optimal shots. Page Printing Images Cropping Images Before Printing Trimming By cropping images before printing, you can print a desired image area instead of the entire image. Page Browsing and Filtering Images Choose a search condition.

Download Canon PowerShot ELPH HS IXUS HS PDF User Manual GuideCanon IXUS 500 HS User Manual

It's a great feature for those who enjoy taking pictures at sporting events. Note that menu items and options vary depending on the shooting mode pp. Press the m button, choose G in the menu, and then choose a shooting mode p. To cancel group playback, press the m button, choose in the menu, and press the m button again p. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the camera may interfere with the operation of electronic instruments and other devices.

Resizing Images Save a copy of images at a lower resolution. Page Editing Still Images Correcting Image Brightness i-Contrast Excessively dark image areas such as faces or backgrounds can be detected and automatically adjusted to the optimal brightness. Press the op buttons to adjust the volume. Be sure to charge the battery initially, because the camera is not sold with the battery charged.

Download Canon PowerShot ELPH HS IXUS HS PDF Manual User Guide

Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS (IXUS 500 HS) Key Features

Note that only one color can be replaced. After a confirmation message, the setting screen is no longer displayed. Insufficient overall image contrast is also automatically corrected, to make subjects stand out better. Make sure the camera is off.

If the battery charger becomes wet, unplug it from the outlet and consult your camera distributor or a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. However, if battery swelling prevents the battery from fitting in the camera, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. Please note that Canon Inc. Also refer to the printer manual for additional information. In this manual, scott cunningham pdf books shutter button operations are described as pressing the button halfway or all the way down.

Your last shot is displayed. Prints images for identification purposes. The memory card will pop up. Note that sound is not recorded. Once the subject is in focus, press the button all the way down to shoot.

Landscapes, city scenes, family shots and more all benefit from the extra width. Press the m button, choose in the menu, and choose the desired frame rate p. Position the center frame over the new color, and then press the r button.

Forcing the cables into the camera at the same time may damage the camera or cables. The Wide-Angle lens gives you more to work with in every shot, adding depth, perspective and grandeur as called for. Pressing the qr buttons will display only images in the group. Previous Frame For fast-rewind, keep holding down the m button. Press the p button, press the qr buttons to choose a color tone, and then press the m button.

When you are finished printing, turn the camera and printer off and disconnect the interface cable. Press the op buttons to choose an option, and then press the m button. You can save the corrected image as a separate file. Choose from six transition effects between images. Note that availability varies by area, and some accessories may no longer be available.

Press the m button, choose in the menu, and choose the date p. However, the orientation may not be detected correctly when the camera is pointed straight up or down.

Playback now begins, and after the movie is finished, is displayed. View the image search results. Access the setting screen.

Download Canon PowerShot ELPH HS IXUS HS PDF Manual User Guide