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The River May come free with your Carcassonne set, otherwise unavailable. New Rules The basic Carcassonne rules have been modified a number of times, the life of mahatma gandhi by louis fischer pdf partly as a reaction to feedback from Carcassonne enthusiasts. There have been three versions of the farmer scoring in the game of Carcassonne.


Carcassonne Rulebook

If multiple players tie for the majority of followers then they all receive the full points. To emphasize this, place the farmer on its side on the field segment. Score the completed city, road, or cloister. This document was produced by Jo hn Sweeney. River River Branch Pig Herd.

The returned followers may be used by the players as any of the possible followers thief, farmer, knight, or monk in later turns. Placing land tiles First a player must draw a land tile from one of the face-down stacks.

Playing the game

The player with the most points after the final scoring is the winner. City - Cathedral s - Cathars. Preparation Place the starting tile face up in the middle of the table. Connected field segments are called farms.

The player moves his scoring marker forward on the scoring track a number of spaces equal to the points earned. Hopefully the current rules are simpler, clearer and fairer than the original rules and provide a more balanced game. If the tile completed a city with trade goods the player who placed the tile takes the corresponding trade good tokens. He may do this as the two fields are not yet connected.

Carcassonne Game Rules

Begin the game by laying the spring that starts the river. Carcassonne has been expanded in many ways since it first appeared. Per completed City in the game. It is possible for a player to deploy a follower, score a road, city, or cloister, and have the follower returned on the same turn always in this order.

Please note that the English-language version of the rules that comes in the box has not been updated with any of these changes. Please make allowances if you are playing by different rules. Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Black. The players turn is over and the next player in clockwise order takes his turn, and so on.

Place these tiles so that the river on each connects to the river on the previous tile. All of the expansion sets listed here are covered in these documents. When a player has deployed all his followers, he continues to play land tiles each turn.

Return the knight, thief, or monk. You may only do one of these. On these, the players can deploy their followers to earn points.

Field with scoring player's Pig, and a Pig Herd. The player with the most points is the winner. Per completed Road in the game. Only completed cities are used for scoring farmers.

Per surrounding tile and its own tile. Confused by combining multiple expansions? Find all the answers here! See the following examples. There may be many road segments between the ends.

The player must take it from his supply. The player may only deploy it to the tile he just placed. Do not place a river tile so that the river makes a U turn.

Carcassonne Rulebook

City - no Cathedral - Cathars. The players decide among themselves who will be the starting player, using any method they choose.

Scoring is based solely on the number of completed cities which the farm touches. Per completed City bordering Farm. Field without scoring player's Pig, but with a Pig Herd. Players score points during the game and at the end.

Game End At the end of the player's turn during which the last land tile is placed, the game ends. Place one knight, thief, farmer, monk, pig or builder. The distance of the farmer to the city is unimportant.