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Page Practical information Lower the vehicle fully. Page Snow Chains Safety Operating fault Reinitialisation of the system is done with the Before reinitialising the system, ensure ignition on and the vehicle stationary. Page Practical information Changing a wheel Procedure for changing a wheel with a punctured tyre by the spare wheel using the tools provided with the vehicle. Best prices or name and shame them. Help needed with general emissions issues.

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This system does not require any of driving, particularly in the case Refer to the maintenance and routine servicing. System which provides a view of the ground during parking manoeuvres in reverse gear. Steering mounted controls. Page Interior Mood Lighting Visibility Interior mood lighting Footwell lighting The dimmed passenger compartment lighting improves visibility in the vehicle when the light is poor. Page Head Restraint Adjustment Familiarisation Sitting comfortably Head restraint adjustment Steering wheel adjustment Correct driving position To raise it, pull it upwards.

Citro n Xsara Picasso

Anouncements about the site from time to time we may update the site so for the latest site happenings please view here. Screenwash and headlamp wash reservoir. Move The steering column locks and the electronic key into the zone so that the engine starts more or less the engine can be started. Page Comfort Rear view mirror Automatic tilting in reverse gear Adjustable mirror providing a central rearward view. Page Driving Driving situations and associated alerts The table below describes the alerts and the messages displayed for the different driving situations.

Page Comfort Mats Removable carpet protection. Bluetooth menu Delete Delete the selected telephone. Wear a correctly adjusted seat belt. Sealing Switch off the ignition.

Calling a new number Calling a contact Press on Telephone to display the primary Press on Telephone to display the primary page. Release the grips and press down on the outside of the tailgate to close it. Access to the tools General recommendations Observe the legislation in force in your country. Only engage reverse gear when the vehicle is stationary with the engine at idle.

Retain the containers for storing used cartridges. Assistance with bay parking Operate the direction indicator on the manoeuvres parking side chosen to activate the Once you have identified a measurement function. Press on Media to display the primary page then go to the secondary page.

Questions about the Citroen Picasso If you are thinking about buying a Citroen Picasso and would like to find something out, or you already own one and need some info enter your questions here. Caravaning and Touring Since Citroen have been highly rated as a touring and towing car we have decided to add this section. If you are thinking about buying a Citroen Picasso and would like to find something out, or you already own one and need some info enter your questions here. Insuring Your Picasso Find the best deals on insuring your picasso, egyptian short stories pdf see what deals other users of this forum have managed to negotiate. Prices for nearly new Picasso's plus relevant model information.

Page Practical information List of tools All of these tools are specific to your vehicle and can vary according to equipment. Parking sensors Deactivation of the function.

Any fault resulting in the illumination of a warning lamp must be investigated further using the associated message. The gear change requests are only acted on if the engine speed permits.

Citroen Xsara Owners Manual

Press on Telephone to display the primary page then go to the secondary page. Page Visibility Switching off the lighting Operation of the rear foglamps is In good or rainy weather, by both day when switching off the ignition inhibited with the tailgate open. In the event of an emergency only, Place the gear selector lever at N for the engine can be switched off vehicles with an electronic gearbox, P or N without any conditions. Unscrew the cartridge from the bottom. The person at the wheel of the towed vehicle must have a valid driving licence.

Opening This storage compartment below the steering wheel is intended for stowing your vehicle's handbook pack. It is fitted with an conditioning controls, to settings for vehicle electric blind.

Page Dimensions Technical data Dimensions in mm These dimensions have been measured on a vehicle that is not loaded. Page Cruise Control Driving Cruise control System which automatically maintains the speed of the vehicle at the value programmed by the driver, without any action on the accelerator pedal.

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Add waypoint Add a waypoint to the route. Page Driving Emergency braking Deactivating automatic operation The emergency braking should only be used in an exceptional situation. Select a preset radio station in the list.

Citro n Xsara Picasso

Citroen Xsara Owners Manual

Select the waypoint that you want to move in the order. If a door or the boot is not properly The automatic folding and unfolding Holding the button allows the closed, locking does not take place. Operation Travelling abroad It remains possible to use a fuel can to fill the tank.

Citroen Xsara Owners Manual

You therefore need to insert a cartridge in order to use the air freshener. Press the stalk downwards. Page Towing The Vehicle Practical information Towing the vehicle Procedure for having your vehicle towed or for towing another vehicle using the towing eye. Unclip the stay from its housing and place it in the support slot to hold the bonnet open. Wheel chocks for immobilising the vehicle except versions with manual gearbox.

2005.5 Citro n Xsara Picasso - Owner s Manual (151 pages)

In some weather conditions e. By default, some speeds are already memorised. Page Driving Steering mounted control paddles Displays in the instrument panel Moving off With your foot on the brake pedal, select position P or N. Select Media to display the primary page. The lighting stalk is pushed down.

2005.5 Citro n Xsara Picasso - Owner s Manual (151 pages)

Recall servicing information. Page Practical information Stowing the tools Return the tools to the box and stow the box in the vehicle's boot. Anything to do with computers and the internet can go in here, from faulty dial ups, website creation, computer problems, software trouble, etc.

With an electronic gearbox, the system is only active in Manual mode. Page Lighting Controls Visibility Exterior lighting controls System for selection and control of the various front and rear lamps providing the vehicle's lighting. Page Driving Switching off the engine Emergency stop Immobilise the vehicle. Height adjustment Fully lower the armrest.