Compaq Armada E500 Manual Pdf

Open the computer as far as it will open. Click on Go to browse to the Support Software page for a list of drivers, files, and utilities. Removing the Fan Reverse the removal procedure described above to replace the fan and heat sink. Writing to the wrong Check the drive letter in drive.

Apply only the tension required to unseat or seat the cables during removal and insertion. Turn the computer bottom side up with the front facing forward. To extend the life of batteries, use the Battery Conservation tab in Power Properties. MultiBay release latch Releases the MultiBay device.

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Select All Models from the Model list. The entire risk arising out of the use of this information remains with the recipient. If you suspect a memory failure and want to test memory automatically during startup, you may want to disable QuickBoot.

Use transporters and conveyers made of antistatic belts and roller bushings. MultiBay light green Turns on when a MultiBay device is being accessed or a battery pack in the MultiBay is charging or waiting to be charged.

The brightness control Adjust the brightness is not set properly. The computers provide desktop functionality and connectivity through the optional expansion base, convenience base, or port replicator. The power cord sets received with the computers meets the requirements for use in the country where the equipment is purchased.

Page up and page Move to the previous or next screen. Reverse the removal procedure described above to replace the top cover. Select the appropriate product series from the Family list.

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Reverse the removal procedure described above to replace the voltage converter board. Power cord set fittings appliance coupler and wall plug must bear the certification mark of the agency responsible for evaluation in the country where it will be used. Connect the computer to an external power source.

If you are running Compaq Utilities from the hard drive, turn on or restart the computer. Turn the computer right side up with the front facing forward. Position the computer so the front faces forward. Power-on password Enter, change, or delete a power-on password.

Replace the battery pack with another fully charged battery. Num lock light Turns on when the numeric lock function is Caps lock light Turns on when the caps lock function is on. Handle cables by the connector whenever possible.

In all cases, avoid bending, twisting, or tearing cables. This jack is driven by an amplifier and has volume control. For details on Compaq operating system support, features, and the installation of. Position the computer so the rear panel faces forward.

Save to floppy Save system configuration to a diskette. The serial number is on the bottom of the computer.

When pressed with the Fn key, initiates Hibernate. Make sure to provide support for the display assembly when removing these screws. Avoid exposing a drive to temperature extremes or to liquids.

Slide the four latches located along the top of the keyboard forward. These features can be enabled only when a power-on password is set.

Compaq armada e500 manual pdf

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No interrupts from The periodic Replace the system board. There is interference Keep remote control units from other wireless such as wireless devices. The base feet are included in the Miscellaneous Plastic Kit.

Undock the computer from the docking base. Page Intelligent Manageability The computer may have a preinstalled Web Agent that allows computer configuration information to be viewed using Web technology. Memory expansion boards can be used in either memory expansion slot. Diskette is Use another diskette that write-protected.

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Compaq Diagnostics for Windows is a system information and diagnostic utility that is used within the Windows operating system. Armada V Fixed Accepts diskettes.

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While the computer is connected to a network, alerts pop up on the computer display and are simultaneously reported to the network console. Turn the computer top side up with the rear panel facing forward. Consult the Compaq Customer Support Center for details. Page File Menu File Menu Begin here To do this System information View identification information about the computer, docking base, and battery packs. Display switch Turns off the display if it is closed while the computer is turned on.

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Hard drive cover Covers the hard drive bay. Lock keyboard and pointing stick or touchpad at startup. Use Compaq Diagnostics for Windows to test system components and to display system information whenever possible. Reverse the removal procedure described above to replace the front shield.

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Once installed, Compaq software improves the functionality of the operating system and enhances the overall user experience. If you are running a version of Windows that was not preinstalled by Compaq, beam calculation pdf turn off the computer.