When dating your mantel clock, be aware that replicas of the fashionable clocks are still being manufactured today. Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Dating Antique Clocks Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock. The construction of various parts can and will help in dating your antique clock.

  1. Gilbert Clock Company of Winsted, Ct.
  2. It is one of the first tall case clocks to have an alarm installed on it.
  3. From on Jakob Kienzle became sole owner and also the name of the company changes after some time into today's notation Kienzle.
  4. It runs well, and had a very loud sound when it strikes.

Welch or Sessions Clock Company but not sure. On the back of the wagon it says United Metal Goods Co. The back is stamped Ingraham, U. It needed a few nails and glue for all the loose pieces.

Date of Haller clock

History of Zenith Watches from to date

These clocks have a very large winding shaft, much bigger than other day clocks, and originally came with a winding crank rather than a key. There are many ways to identify and date an antique clock. Unlike the first, bekanntschaften achern the paper label on the back is intact. The approximate age and value?

Our collection of mechanical clocks includes

My grandmother gave this Ansonia clock to me. Kienzle regularly sponsors different projects, but increasingly focuses on sport. Do you remember this amazing living room from that movie house? It is in the original box. Illustrations of the Lots are for general identification only.

There's a sailboat on the glass on the front. Neither of us knew anything accept that in was in the family. At least it looks fairly old. It has an internal pendulum and uses a key to wind up the clock.

On the back, molded into the porcelin is the words, St Geo. It is model and has a Westinghouse clock mech. The face, works and case all have this name. The highest bidder shall become the purchaser, and no persons shall retract a bid. It was obtained by her grandmother at an estate sale, singlebörse hamburg berlin then passed down to her mother and finally to her.

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In the s and s Kienzle became a market leader in Germany. She use to wind it up to hear the chimes. The face is brass with three brass weights. Sailboat Clock by United Clock Corp. She was stationed in Europe.

Specifically the style and type of clock hand and the dial, both of which have varied over time. Can you help identify this clock? It was in my mother's basement wrapped up for how long, I have no idea. In Jakob Kienzle married into the Schlenker family and henceforward he contributed to the expansion of the company.

The first clocks for automobiles were also made at that time. The reason clocks have multiple gear sets is so a clock can chime on the hour and quarter hour while it keeps time. But some models will run up to days on a single winding. Please refer to the picture below showing a dial with three winding points.

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Kienzle Uhren

But, the features of the clock scream s, not s. We think it Adamantine, single column, roman numeral face. It is a Sessions clock according to the label and info I have found online. Things were piled three feet high in most rooms.

The company purchases the worldwide brand and distribution rights and begins with the development and fabrication of three new watch collections in different price segments. It is missing the glass cover in front and is in fair condition. The factory produced and supplied a range of timing instruments and watches for German and Axis armed forces. This is the height that I find to be most popular. This clock was something included in an auction I recently bought.

Albra, is there anything known about Kienzle using the Haller mark up until the mid s? Haller was taken over by Kienzle. The haller logo like a rainbow thing with foreign writen underneath it, if that helps which haller it is. Alongside there are alarm clocks and wall clocks as well. They employed over three-thousand people and produced over three million clocks each year.

Identify an Antique Clock
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Would appreciate your help in identifying. This is not an exact photo. Can anyone tell me who made it? Can anyone tell me more about it.

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The word anniversary symbolizes the idea that the clocks only need to be wound once a year on a meaningful date, such as the date you received the clock. The company is one of Germanys oldest watch labels with almost years of company history. By making a bid, a Bidder acknowledges his acceptance of these Conditions and will be bound by them.

Antique Clock Dating and Identification

My Mum has had it for quite a few years, zentrale dpp she loved the Westminster Chimes - it does have a lovely tone. It's best to wind the clock once a month. Kienzle Optik is the first expansion segment to be launched on the market.

Kienzle Clock History

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  • Old and Sold Antique Marketplace.
  • All I know is that it was made in Germany.
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A Popular American Mantel Clock
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Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay. This is a Sessions mantel clock that has a chime. This has a ball bearing driven clock mechanism. There are five models, Mechanics, Sports, Luxury, Retro and pocket watches.

After the Second World War the track record of Kienzle goes on again with established articles and new products like a parking meter equipped with the latest technology. Need info on E Ingraham Co. The rate of the clock can be made faster or slower by an adjustment screw mechanism on the torsion pendulum that moves the weight balls in or out from the axis. This movement displays the right time within just five minutes and is a world innovation.

It has all of its original parts. Although there are many different kinds of clocks, they can be broken down into several different categories according to how they are wound. This clock was given to my husband by his father who bought it at an estate auction many years ago. When this is the case, look next to the label. To determine how many winding points your clock has, look at the clock dial and count the holes where a key can be inserted.

It is a mantel clock and seems to last about days after being wound up. Thus no winding key or battery is needed, and it can run for years without human intervention. The clock I believe is the Yale model.

Ansonia clock in excellent condition. It uses tone rods, and has a great sound. Hopefully someone can help me. Clock works appears to be of nearly all brass type metal. Since that time the headquarters is located in Hamburg and Kienzle finds back to old success.

Dating clocks

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