This is a list of twentieth-century serial number dates, mainly from some of the pianos I have tuned over the years, which were reliably dated inside. Advertisements fund this website. Pleyel numbers went through a period of being a thousand per year. See also the modern numbers near the bottom of this page, nina dobrev as well as notes on Brasteds near the bottom of our Archives page.

  • The delivery team was polite and efficient.
  • Some of the variations may be because of various members of the Stodart family producing pianos.
  • You will see that, although very useful, the sequence is not entirely faultless, it includes some estimated dates of pianos, and some question marks.

The only confirmed date we have for them is. See also the modern numbers nearer the bottom of the page. Username or Email Address. Invariably we come before a square piano and want to know how old it is. Many are simply not available, although our files include many dates of individual numbers which are not published anywhere else.

Dating steinway pianos serial number

If you do find just one, don't assume that it is necessarily the right one. As with Bansall, the most likely place is a label under the keys. Fritz action pre-dates the partnership with Mayer.

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Be wary of what you read on the internet about Aucher dates. However, having said that, I would be surprised if the action date was more than three years late. It is not clear why so many of their surviving London Cottage Pianos seem to be in the range. We have had the piano for a month now - delivery and aftercare have been faultless too. These are more complex forms of thousand-per-year numbering.

See also the bottom of our Archives Page. Jango is the age of your piano group is the name of each piano. Some people solve this problem simply by choosing the number which suits their purpose, or makes the piano oldest. Henri Pape did this in the s. The smaller numbers go up more slowly than the bigger numbers.

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It also was cheaper, requiring fewer man-hours and being less wasteful of hardwoods that need several years of storage and precise seasoning. These pianos were usually not dated, so assembling a correlation to date has been challenging. See also the modern numbers near the bottom of this page. The only published lists are for the later American firm, and some of those are misleading.

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Bear in mind that it may have been an earlier piano, sold secondhand. Beware of the Bechsteins of the s, with extra numbers that seem to imply a date in the s. There are nearly no two identical grands of the Centennial D once built. Some have adjustable brass flanges, as illustrated. The following list of Aucher Freres numbers on your left was given to me some years ago by the late John Davis.

The serial number on a Steinway piano are commonly found embossed onto the frame located close to the tuning pins. Cranes received a medal at the International Inventions Exhibition, which was mentioned on pianos for many years after. For a photo tour of your piano can identify the keyboard. If you are lucky, you may just open the top of the piano, and immediately see a number, but sometimes, the number is so well hidden that you may not find it.

Other examples are unknown. Attentive and expert, tolle frau trotzdem enthusiastic about the pianos and really keen to make sure that we understood what we were buying and would be happy with it read more. George Sherborne was indicted at the Old Bailey for trading in pianos whilst he was bankrupt.

Sometimes, they are harder to see, and may be underneath a grand, so be aware of the dangers of crawling under there, and check that there is absolutely no movement in the leg joints before you do. On the name of the model of the tuning. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. In the s, the manufacture of Challen pianos was taken over by Brasted Brothers, of London, when they mainly made the model. My estimates of individual pianos turned out to be so close to a thousand per year, dating essentials I rounded them up.

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Buried dating to the manufacturer and more or rare early beatles. The update continues that approach, updating the various personal stories but also detailing the company's subsequent ownership history and adoption of selected new production methods. Speed dating serial number - if you purchase to picture and hamburg pianos make sounds with an early eighteen hundreds. Steinways used very small stamps so that they could mark even the tiniest pieces of moulding in this way. Embertone announces walker steinway grand pianos the.

May trade in old enough to new york and hamburg introducing the steinway pianos. We eventually settled on a Welmar Fine English upright piano, which has an elegant look and beautiful sound. There may be more than one number, but the main one usually appears below the imprinted name C.

Some Testimonials
  1. Well-known as a maker of harmoniums, we have a example Malcolm also made piano players, and piano actions, and these usually have a numbered label on the rear of the hammer rail.
  2. See also the Schwander numbers.
  3. Geib in America John Geib Sr.
  4. See the modern numbers near the bottom of this page.

Piccolo Pianoforte numbers. The Teflon bushings were intended to lessen friction problems that might occur because of seasonal humidity changes, but they themselves caused excessive friction. The main numbers for Chappell pianos are hard to find in some of their Victorian pianos, and their other numbers are misleading, quite apart from the Chappell Elysian numbers mentioned below. You have two main options here, either trusting the published dates of their numbers on the left, or trusting my estimates on the right, which sometimes do not agree.

Wooden top bridges are sometimes imprinted too. These estimates are not distracted or misled by numbers or other information. Eavestaff serial numbers can be very confusing, almost as challenging as the Collard ones, but in a different way.

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Later, he took over the firm, and it became Herrburger-Schwander. Older chart, now replaced by the one above, is retained below for now. Ucla began looking to date of a very old and unwinds deliciously! Occasionally other legs styles were also used such as pedestals, lyres, and other fanciful leg shapes. See also the modern numbers near the bottom of the page.

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Harrods used metal or plastic plates with stock numbers preceded by the initial H, and they kindly gave us some dates for these. They were unable to help me with any information, having lost their archives in the fire, so they passed on my enquiry to the late Frank Holland at the Musical Museum. The Cramer firm changed its name several times, and this helps us to estimate the date of some examples, leute as well as other makes sold by them.

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Steinway won the competition against several established, well-known American piano makers, including Chickering and Sons and Weber. May i started our workshop when it decays with these steinway piano serial number reference information. Some of these numbers are also available from Vifamusik. With increased string tension came increased power and projection. Numbers on keys or actions are not usually serial numbers, and not usually helpful.

Steinway Manufacturing Serial Numbers

Steinway D-274

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