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Sumerian tablet depicting Enki in the creation myth. Initially human beings were unable to reproduce on their own, eragon pdf but were later modified with the help of Enki and Ninki. The Tenth Tablet Of Lord Enki Chapter - This portion tells of the king's son who created earthlings receiving a dream that tells him to inform Noah of the water disaster that is to come.

Sumerian Tablets - written later. The Sumerian myth which we have, based on the translation, may not be that accurate because of this.

The savants on Nibiru tell of the planets moving during Nibiru's next passing of the sun. This way, the kingship lineage stays in tact on their side of the family.

The king escapes the Anunnaki by jumping in a spacecraft and heading towards Earth. The kings son that created mankind and is also the groom grandfather fashions two bloodless emissaries that can not be harmed by death rays to go and retrieve the bride. He took it upon himself and gathered some igigi to help him. He cries out he wants a son but she curses him actual curse. Once wisdom came from a thin reed wall, you will do the like.

This decision was not until a fight amongst them ended in the killing of the king. The Earth commander declares that they shall perish. The next person in line for the throne challenges the king and defeats him in a wrestling match. The King on Nibiru tells Mars and Earth to prepare for evacuation. Chapter - The spaceship beacon is relocated.

When it is found out the other son and daughter have been sleeping together the daughter is forbidden to marry anyone. The most high or anu as you call him isn't the evil one here the one who corrupted us in the garden, fell to the earth and now rules on earth is the evil one, the devil himself.

Chapter - The seven Anunnaki female healers were impregnated with a combination of the twolegged Earth female creature hominid and Adam. There are plagues and starvation on Earth.

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He believes he can not be defeated while he has the tablets of destinies, but he is defeated and sentenced to death. This tablet implies that the deluge was a natural event.

Adam and Eve are then left to roam Eden as they please. Now, the Earth will be overrun by mankind. The king's son tricks the male by telling him not to eat or drink the long-life things because it is poison and he will die.

He summons his three sons and has built a space port, unknown to the other Annunaki. He gave him all knowledge except how to revive the dead. The king's son very deceitfully passed them off, not as his own offspring, but instead as a new, more intelligent generation of Adams and Eves. Other regions were not given to her. But the Earth commander is playing politics and has gotten the upper hand.

Sumerian Tablets - written later - THE WORDS OF ENKI

Thus, the translation was not of the original writings but of something that was based on the original. Mars has lost its atmosphere and the water is dried up. The sliding of the glaciers will produce a great wave that will deluge the land. Analysis of data collected by the Mars Curiosity Rover revealed evidence of a past cataclysmic event that would have ended all life on the surface of the red planet. He wanted the earthlings to perish.

The Earth commander feels the Earth mission has become perverted and loathes the earthling mankind. He also found traces of the gold that Nibiru needed for the repair of its atmosphere. Chapter - Many changes occur after the king's visit, including some reorganizing of the lands and a new approach to the earthlings.

Metals were processed from the waters. The story is told by someone looking over it. It tells of the kings marriages.

Climb the stone staircase. It does no good and the Anunnaki are displeased. But, I have read that Sumeria and Indus River civilization were culturally swapping for quite a while. The commander of Mars is brought to Earth to show him the workings there. Then, re-read this article to have a better understanding.

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