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Im Reiche des Goldenen Apfels. Be the first one to write a review. Maghreb and Cyprus are the only important ommisions in the Seyahatname. In Anatolia alone he visited more than holy places.

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Towards the end of his active period of more than forty years of traveling E. According to Murphey and Dankoff E. Born an Abkhaz and brought up as a slave-girl in the palace of Ahmed I d. There are also a few studies devoted to questioning the credibility of specific descriptions and itineraries, showing, for example, that E.

There are also several popular editions of the work. There is general consensus that he died in Egypt where he had been living for some time.

At several points in his work E. There are some thirty Turkic dialects and languages cataloged in the Travelogue cataloged. At that time the Seyahatname was predominantly used as a source for historical-topographical studies, mainly in Southeastern Europe Hungary, former Yugoslavia, Rumania, Greece. Gotthard, leaving an extremely detailed report. The list of authors can be seen in the page history.

His notes on Kurdish in Eastern Anatolia are highly valued by linguists. As various references to relatives and real estate e. Selective General Bibliography Franz Taeschner. Practically all evidence of E.

Bu kavmin ekseri gemicilerdir. Her ne isterse, elinden geliyor. Top Nonfiction on Scribd View More. Ama sana bir nasihatim var.

Hakknda saysz bilimsel eser ve makale yaymlanm olan Evliya elebi ve. Yzylda yazlm olan ok nl bir gezi yazs kitabdr. Seyahatname, Evliya elebinin seyahatlerine uygun bir zaman ak. Technology in Translation. Currently, there is no English translation of the entire work.

The Seyahtnme of Evliya elebi is an outstanding example of this tradition. Some of these are simple deviations of the well-beaten track. The Seyahatname serves as a source for linguistic investigations in that it includes information about various foreign languages and for the development of Ottoman prose.

Nevertheless the astonishing completeness of E. Merchants wade into these pools and collect petroleum in ladles and fill goatskins with it, these oil merchants then sell them in different regions. However, he sometimes also includes noisome exaggerations contradicting his own descriptions. Although his pecuniary circumstances were satisfying, he made his living as a member of the mobile households of Ottoman grandees, many of them his kinsmen.

Evliya elebi, Seyahatnamesinde Karahisar Sahip ad verilen kalenin zelliklerini, askerlerinin dzenini, environmental pollutants pdf nasl ina edildiini. Evliya elebi Seyahatnamesinin Kaynaklardaki Verilerle Analizi.

Evliy elebi Seyahatnmesinin sekizinci cildinde Bat Trakya zerinden Mora yarmadasna geip Girit seferi iin asker toplar ardndan Giri. Despite his general superior attitude toward non-Muslims, E.

Remarkable are his privately organized journeys outside the Ottoman realm. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data.

Evliya elebi

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Evliy elebi Seyahatnmesinde eitli Kaynaklarn Kavak Noktas. Seyahatname is a valuable source for many aspects of Ottoman politics, society, and culture. During his stay in hundreds of towns and cities and thousands of villages E. He clearly discriminates the Ottoman Rum elite from the other subjects of the Sultan, a feature which is particularly noticeable in the tenth volume of the Seyahatname focusing on Egypt.

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Klischee und Wirklichkeit. Seyahatname is by far the best investigated text of Ottoman historiography and literature and remains a great source of information for all branches of Ottoman studies.

Evliya elebi ve Seyahatnamesi zerine geni bir literatr bulunmaktadr. Evliya is noted for having collected specimens from language he traveled in each region. In an inn Evliya Celebi meets the robber without economics gregory mankiw pdf realizing his identity and even strikes up. Evliy elebi Seyahatnmesi ve Osmanl Kltrnn Szellii itsellii.