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But with the passive voice we use the following form. Their partner looks at the clues and finds the sentence that needs that verb as a gerund. The students then try to guess the writer's identity, writing their guess next to the number in the chart.

The game continues until all the cards have been matched. Each student is given a numbered worksheet. Waving their hands, the audience cheered the winner. The other student then writes the gerund in the crossword.

Grammar Exercises

Each time a player makes a sentence, they place the two cards on the table. In this teaching activity, students complete sentences about themselves using gerund and infinitive forms.

The player then makes a sentence with the verb and gerund or infinitive to show the match is correct. This process continues until all the sentences have been read.

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These two sentences are different in the form and meaning, too. The students think about their partner and complete the sentences on the worksheet by guessing true information about him or her. It is more common, however, to use - ing form in English after the verbs of senses. Don't give up studying this chapter. Students then check if their sentences are true or not by asking questions to their classmates.

They do this by reading their sentences to one another, e. She recommended reading this book. Each group is given a set of cards A and B. In this fun gerunds worksheet activity, students talk about what they like doing at certain times.

Here is an insightful gerunds and infinitives activity for intermediate students. The students then discuss the topic on the card using gerunds and infinitives. In this entertaining worksheet activity, tutoriales de electronica basica pdf students write sentences about themselves with gerunds and infinitives and then play a guessing game using the sentences.

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In this fun gerunds and infinitives activity, students complete sentences by guessing true information about a partner. In this sentence we describe the consequences. The verbs that have a different meaning with gerunds and infinitives. The motorcyclist was fatally injured in the accident and is now fighting for his life.

When they have finished writing, the class is divided into groups of three or four. In such sentences we use do to make questions and negatives. It's no use working so late. In the case of participles, name the noun or pronoun they qualify. When the students have finished writing, they take it in turns to read out their three sentences to the rest of the group.

The students begin by completing sentences with true information about themselves. Students go through the items on the worksheet and form the questions they need to ask in order to do the activity, e. The students then discuss their sentences in small groups.

You don't have to listen to him. But they do not serve the same purposes in a sentence. He pretended to have been studying. When everyone has read their sentences, students reveal their numbers.

Jumping over the fence, the thief escaped. Student A starts by asking Student B to tell him or her about the things listed on the worksheet, e. We set out to cut the tree. They didn't allow eating there. The first player puts a domino down either before or after the domino on the table, making sure the verb in bold matches with the gerund or infinitive, or vice-versa.

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Grammar Exercises

One student is given a copy of the crossword and the other student is given a copy of the clues. In this entertaining gerunds and infinitives game, students write true and false sentences about themselves and then play a true or false guessing game with the sentences. Students can add their own answer if they wish using a gerund. You needn't listen to him. When they have finished writing, Student A starts by reading their completed sentences to Student B.

When a player makes a sentence, the other students may accept or challenge the sentence. Examples of verbs followed by gerunds and infinitives. If the verbs advise, allow, permit, recommend are used with the indirect object, they are followed by infinitive.

If there are no dominoes left in the pile, play passes to the next student. Students score one point for each correct answer. Afterwards, students tell the class what they found out about their classmates.

The student with the most pairs of cards at the end of the game is the winner. When everyone has finished, the worksheets are collected and then redistributed. Student B listens and tells their partner if the sentences are true or not. Mean I didn't mean to hurt you. If a player successfully makes a sentence, the player puts the two cards aside and replaces the cards by taking one from each pile.

Remember I remember watching the match. Each group of four is given a set of dominoes. The students then try to write a true sentence about each person using the verb next to their name followed by a gerund, e. If a player can't think of a sentence, makes a grammar mistake or matches the dominoes incorrectly, the player takes back the domino and play passes to the next student.

When the group members have each decided which sentence is true, the student reveals the correct answer. Students then take it in turns to read out the student number and sentences on their worksheet. Are you afraid of speaking the truth?

Students that guessed correctly win a point. But it means spending more money. When all the questions have been asked, the students swap roles. The students are divided into pairs. If not, the player takes the cards back.

The other students write down the student number in their chart and listen to all the sentences. There are a lot of verbs and expressions that are used with these forms. If not, gerund must be used.