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We have stood in silence as you exploded and redacted our truth, speaking over us misconceptions and lies. The people who exonerate such rascals are no more moslims. Hazrat Yazid, Muawiya, Abu Sufian zindabad. Jo be tha bad main dono Ashab R.

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Mola pak apke is Azeem Mission ko Qubul frmae. The territory was officially split in when Theodosius I ruled, died, leaving his son Arcadius emperor of the eastern half of the empire and his other son Honorius emperor of the western half. But the reality is this man is an enemy of Allah swt and a drunkard.

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Hence sometimes those domains are not working or their download data capacity has been reached. Nabi-e-kareem Hazrat Muhammad p. The events I wrote in my previous post are in Bukhari and Muslim sharifs. Having surrendered before the fall of the city, Mehmet allowed them to preserve an element of self-government. Istanbul and the Civilization if the Ottoman Empire.

At present I am student in a university. Jahannum ki aag se bachna hai to Imam Hussain pe apna Imaan lao aur Yazid pe laanat bhejo.

Wa Alaikumassalam, Bhai ye book online available nahi hai or iska name hai hazar tumhari or das hamari. The very fact that you have got about to find out if its true shows the weakness of your own Imaan. Have you ever think how many millions have the name Muawiyah in all Muslim population and how many have the name Ali. But what we can do except praying for them.

If ever there was an event in Islamic history which united all people, beyond faiths, insert pdf to word ethnicities and all manners of division that is the Tragedy of Karbala. Main aisi history ko ni manta. Have you ever read any Islamic history written by a western scholoar? Ye kuch websites hain jahan shia books urdu language mein available hain.

Whereas Yazid went way later i. May Allah swt reward you for your kind words and duas and accept the small deeds of this sinner. The Ottoman ships burnt the Byzantine ones in a naval battle. Ahle sunnat books Bukhari muslim, Tarikhe Tabri and unlimited book se sabit hai. Mehmet also re-established Constantinople, as it was still called at that time, as the center of the Orthodox patriarchate.

Salam, Here is your required book. Inshallah lets hope and pray that it is restored soon. Mein apni baat mukhtasir kar k yehin khatam karta hon is mein Aqal, Marfat walon lye eik Azeem o Alishan Nishani hai. Lehaza mujy is ki daleel na do. Maula Ali As has told us to run madly after pursuit of knowledge.

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Yah Ali Maddad Dear Bhai, please send me all books in my email account. With the Grace of Allah we shall see how this traitor to Islam i. Salam Alaikum Bahoot khushi huvi Khuda aap ko jazai khair dain key un logon kay leye jen kay dast ras main nahin tay aap nay ye besh qimat khazana un ko farahm kardia. May Allah bless you for this effort.

Salam, You can get it from here. Asalam o Alykum Hope that you are fine and well.

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Salaam Hum Nay bahut kitabay paday hai. Salaam or ya Ali Madad muj ko Mutta par aik kmufasil book chahiay.

For other uses of the term, see Lygos disambiguation. Hay Muawiya, you can not change the facts. Therefore I suggest either try the same link after some days or look for other books. Inanycase, I have never heard such a ridiculous narration that you have sited. Aslamoalikum, m living abroad, so this site is a gift.

God bless you and may your efforts be rewarded in this world and world hereafter. Mein Aik hadith paish karta hon jo ke sahih hay aur mashoor hay. We needed to shake this individual and say, who was captured in Pakistan after Sept.

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Google them and you should get their details. Dictionary of the First World War. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

His surname was Abu Utaybah and he was only called Abu Lahab because of the brightness of his face. Sir i have getting probem to answering the question.

Why all of our friends in here are creating more friction and further dividing Muslims of Pakistan. Please sir, I request You to upload this tafseer.

Requesting you please send some islamic books in urdu or english language only. Lets hope it comes back up soon as it is a great resource for books in Urdu among other things. One should be right and one should be wrong.