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Bring your mower to your local shop and get the blades sharpened each year. Sprinklers Test run your sprinkler system - if there is a problem, call your professional to fix it before it is needed. They are in fact prone to damages or they may not function at all. Home Depot and other home Improvement stores sell small pieces of insulation if you just need to sure up a small area. In addition to inspecting them, make sure they are stored in places that you can access quickly and are close to areas that are prone to fires such as your kitchen or furnace.

Before you use your fireplace, get the chimney swept by a professional, especially if you used it several times the year before. For windows, seal cracks between the trim and the siding with high-grade polyurethane caulking. Most newer systems like SimpliSafe read our full review of SimpliSafe here will alert you when something is wrong with the system. The things to be included in a maintenance checklist for equipment and machines largely depends on the type of equipment that needs to be maintained. The hood is simple, just wipe it down with soap and water.

They will clean or replace the air filter, clean the indoor coil, clean the condensate pump, and give the entire system a thorough inspection. You are almost guaranteed to have frozen pipes and a major problem if you forget to have this done. If you allow leaves, sticks, and debris to build up in the gutters and downspouts, it will not only block the water flow but will also make a nice home for mold, pests, bees, and rodents. Check the insulation in your attic and basement. Most homeowners recognize that regular maintenance is priority to keep their home in tip top condition.

Instead of lemons, you can use ice cubes. Outside pipes Turn off taps and drain pipes and hoses. Dust and all sorts of dirt clinging to the coils at the back of the refrigerator and could possibly cause a fire or make your refrigerator use more energy than it is supposed to. Tip your barrels on their side, squirt some soap and give it a good blast with the hose. All of those leaves that fell on your roof are now stuck in your gutters.

Checking if your connection is properly grounded at least once a month prevents any future problems from occurring and helps detect any hazards brought about by faulty electric connections. Fall, like spring, means it's time to make a thorough check of much of your home's infrastructure. Here is what I recommend tackling each summer. Add a layer of mulch to your flower beds to keep the weeds down and freshen up your landscape.

Pantry Lay in enough dry goods and bottled water in case of emergency in areas where major snowfall or power outages can occur. If you receive large amounts of snowfall in the winter or rain in the spring if you can expect temperatures to swing wildly between seasons. People who use such checklist are witness to how long they can keep their equipment or machinery in a good working condition. Inspect the dryer vent located outside.

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21 Maintenance Checklist Samples & Templates

It has helped us so much that we are thrilled to share it with you. Put mats inside each doorway to protect your floors. Each fall you need to get your sprinkler system winterized. Even if you simply have extremely high humidity, or live close to the water where salt spray is an issue, you will find there is need to do more rigorous home maintenance on a more frequent basis. If the fan is not effectively removing moisture, you can run into major issues, like mold.

Give each window and door a good inspection and make note of any cracks or gaps. The most effective product is Drain-O which I use all the time and it works like a charm.

Fall is here, the leaves are changing color, football is on, and you can feel the air turning cool and crisp. Give your screens a once over each spring. Consider buying a generator if your area is prone to power outages.

Weeds are going to happen no matter what but the best way to limit them and keep your lawn healthy is to apply pre-emergent in the spring. You know the saying, safety first. If you have old windows that let in a draft consider installing storm windows. Making sure that the doors and windows in your home are caulked properly will keep you comfortable in your home all year round, no matter what kind of season.

1. Home Maintenance Checklists

Mulch garden, flowerbeds and plants in preparation for winter. This is the one I use and it does the job.

There are several easy techniques you can use to clean your disposal. Summer means playtime, and you don't want to be bothered with an overload in the chores department. Inspect the pipes in your bathroom, kitchen, and basement and make sure they are well insulated. If you live in a region where hurricanes or tornadoes are frequent, you will want to safeguard your home against such events.

The importance of a maintenance checklist is listed below. Because safety is a priority, it is very important that maintenance is done routinely to prevent predictable and avoidable accidents. After refining it over time, we came up with this checklist and have been using it for over two years.

And to make things even easier and convenient for you, you can download and use our home inspection checklist. It keeps our home maintenance on track and helps us see what is coming up soon so we can plan for it. Maintenance checklists are certainly important without a doubt. This is particularly true in locations where severe weather can be expected.

Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

They could be for personal use or for business. You can also pour dry baking soda down the drain along with a cup of distilled white vinegar. Check for any cracks and stuff steel wool into holes to deter rodents Windows and doors Caulk cracks and replace weather-stripping if needed.

Different seasons need different home maintenance tasks and this is when seasonal home maintenance checklists come into use. They are the pathways for rainwater flowing off your roof and into the ground. Here are the most important things to do each spring to keep your house running smoothly. Rent a power washer and spend a couple hours blasting your siding and windows. Now, to make sure that you will be able to make the most out of these things and so that they last for a long time, it should be taken cared of and maintained.

Printable Home Safety Checklist

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No one said being a homeowner is easy but now you understand your responsibilities and are ready to go. If you have battery-operated smoke detectors at home, it is best to have those batteries replaced at least once a year even if your alarms have never rung within that year. Doing home maintenance regularly can save you lots of time and money over the years, as you take care of small issues before they turn into large, read real japanese fiction pdf expensive ones.

Clean your garbage disposal each month to prevent repulsive odors from developing and debris from getting stuck and damaging the system. Before winter, climb up into your attic and make sure there is nothing blocking the vents. Cleaning the hood filter is easy as well, just soak it in hot water and soap then give it a good scrub. Your wooden deck and fence take a lot of punishment from the elements over the course of the year and especially in the winter. Regular cleaning will prevent kitchen odors, air pollution in your home and a greasy mess that, if neglected for long enough, can become a fire hazard.