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Where possible, this information should be marked on the equipment. They should be chosen bearing in mind the suitability for use in the prevailing environmental conditions, e. In many cases where types of jobs are similar, the safety method statements could be identical and might, therefore, be in the form of a general document. This is common practice offshore and is often a requirement of the permit to work.

Fire Safety And Emergency Guidelines. Consideration should be given as to how any rescue could be safely and efficiently carried out. The other type is attached to a foot loop to aid climbing, but is also connected back to the harness to provide additional security. Where practicable, santaland diaries script pdf references should be taken up to verify claimed experience and levels of competence.

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No one should be allowed to enter the zone for any purpose unless they are wearing a harness and are attached to an anchored safety line. Some equipment is traditionally supplied with a safe working load or a working load limit. These are listed below, to assist those working outside Europe to match these standards to those which apply in their countries. This applies particularly to connectors, descenders, ascenders, back-up devices and harnesses.


The guidelines have been compiled using the experience of established rope access contractors and recommend known good working practices. This equipment should be provided and appropriate measures taken to ensure that it is worn. Guards provided to moving parts or electrical conductors etc.

Test methods Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Ideally, these devices should require minimal operator manipulation. Vaccine Safety Surveillance Systems. The survival of an injured or otherwise immobile person often depends on speed of rescue and the care given to the casualty during and after rescue. They must then undergo further training and assessment.

Records listing all the items of equipment issued should be kept. However, this can be modified to become a top rope protection, where particular supervision or care of the worker is required. Metal items should not be marked by stamping, unless by agreement of the manufacturer.

After disinfection, the equipment should be rinsed thoroughly in clean, cold water and then dried naturally in a warm room away from direct heat. Advice on this can be obtained from product manufacturers. However, both anchors may be connected to each other for added security.

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This information should be read and understood by the user before using the equipment. When operating on a work site with more than one discrete working area, adequate supervision should be provided for each of those discrete areas. This knowledge can be enhanced by studying the information provided with the product and other technical brochures and catalogues.


In a fall arrest situation, a full body harness should be worn. Therefore, in situations where the possibility of a substantial dynamic load exists, e. Those that are to clip to any anchor e. The table is intended only to be an example, as the actual height where work is being done and the temperature of the surrounding air will make major modifications to the figures given.

Its success is based on thorough training and strict work guidelines that deliver an unrivalled safe working record year after year. Users should also consider the possibility of rescue, which may involve the weight of two persons. At the beginning of each working day and at other times as appropriate e.

Find the job that is right for irats Jobs Board. The other objectives deal with the setting up of the work method itself. It is, therefore, especially important that the workers can be always relied upon to behave in a sensible and responsible manner. Alternatively, the area could be made safe by locking it off or by erecting suitable barricades capable of preventing unauthorized access to the work area.

Loosening or excessive breaks in the yarns could indicate internal wear or cuts. This is the rope used to protect against falls if the rope access worker slips or if the primary support e. While appropriate for normal rope access techniques, i.



If the manufacturer or supplier has not already provided such marking care should be taken not to mark the equipment in a manner that will impair its integrity. Therefore, to guard against this, small tools such as hammers, trowels etc. However, rope with other types of construction may be used if the contractor has thoroughly verified that these will give a similar level of safety. In addition, appendix D gives some further sources of information, which may assist in the consideration of maximum wind speeds.

Why use an IRATA Member

Why use an IRATA Member

Workers normally descend down the working line by means of the descender with the back-up device trailing along the safety line. Cuts, chafes, plucking and other mechanical damage will weaken ropes and webbing, the degree of weakening being directly related to the severity of the damage.

Microtome Safety Guidelines - Boston University. Guidelines on the use of rope access methods for industrial.

Why use an IRATA Member

The limited dynamic forces which may be generated, and resisted, arise, for example, from braking whilst abseiling. Information should be provided by the manufacturer on how to do this. Sometimes this is not obvious so it is worthwhile checking with the supplier or the manufacturer.

They should be kept clean and, when dry, moving parts should be lubricated using a light oil or silicone grease. Otherwise, the lifting equipment should not be used. Dynamic mountaineering ropes.


Blue Sword inwardly resents the genteel, lady-like role. Sufficient personnel and resources need to be readily available to carry out those procedures should the necessity arise. This is particularly to ensure that the person has the necessary skills and is competent to supervise others and assess their abilities to work safely. Where such devices are used, they should be tested for electro-mechanical operation, by means of the test button, each day before use. Sea water should not be used for cleaning.

Stitching should be in a contrasting shade or colour to that of the webbing to facilitate its inspection. The first type is used to connect the operator directly to the working line.