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Love, devotion and passion. Another great book from Pratham and their Storyweaver platform. Make new friends including a clutter of cats otherwise known as The City Heroes. The Invisible King of the Jungle.

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What do all the historic greats have in common? Our early reader folktales make a wonderful Bedtime story or the perfect Moral stories for the classroom to build character and teach Language Arts skills! Prevent and combat violence against conformity. Recommended topics Amazon Fire. An old man invites the grizzly bear chief and his followers to a feast.

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Info Posts Twitter Blog Mail. Kindness and helping others. However, where possible we picked ebook editions. The story tells of the time Pocahontas saved the life of settler John Smith from her father, Powhatan. Separating fact and fiction.

Folktales or folk tales are stories that have been shared from generation to generation by word of mouth. Read if you want to know what happens to Igor and Angela, Daniel and Rose. We use internal and third party analytical and ad oriented cookies. Teamwork and collaboration. Mirror with a Malfunction.

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Founder of Ebook Friendly. You can read Ebook Friendly not only on a computer, but also a tablet or smartphone. What is the king and queen to do? The is the tale of Pocahontas, John Smith and the leader Powhatan. Generosity and unresentful.

Dealing with the loss of a mother. Humility, ask for help when needed. Della and Jim wish to give each other the perfect Christmas present, but how will they come up with the money?

Another great book brought to us by Pratham and Storyweaver. This is just the first part of the series. This detailed reading level analysis proves that, when it comes to literature, simpler is better.

This book with simple English is suitable for toddlers and those learning to read. The infographic lists popular English words that are still used in the wrong way. Once they see Alfi is in trouble and not trying to ruin their fun or steal their honey, they come to the rescue in this fun adventure.

Will Mother Goat find her again? We are using cookies to give you the best possible experience. The Classic Tale of a male deer, Bambi, his mother and his adventures learning in the woods.

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In the Promised Land, friendship was tested and the very issues of life are in the balance. What happens when something small becomes a big problem? The Girl with the Beautiful Face. Another great book from Bookdash.

The World's Crazy Second Day. The Viking With a Hundred Horns. When I am happy, so is she. Can the frog in the well help her?

Please note that we may earn a small commission if you buy something on Amazon through the links seen in this box. Written by Marsha Landau and Illustrated by S. Ask me more if you need help!

Will he realize its a trap before it is too late? In My Best Friend, we see how imagination and dreams can make something feel real. The soft metallic sound of a key turning in a lock made her happy. This book is a medley of romance, sci-fi, humour, social issues, fantasy, suspense and fun.

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Help Zanele see numbers and count along in this fun early maths book. Generosity and envy effects. Our website uses cookies to recognize and analyze incoming and outgoing traffic. If Pinocchio is to become a Real boy he needs to learn how to be honest, brave and true.

Ebook enthusiast, technology geek, and self-published short story author. Race Driver Callum Makes a Car tells us a story of a driver who makes his own car. Another great creative commons story from Bookdash. The Day the Stork Stole the Wedding. Tap here to watch our new animated stories.

In Archie Makes a Big Bang, a science theme early reader from bookbot, we follow the fun tale of an inventor and his creative inventions. This story is to raise drug awareness and supports substance abuse prevention. Actually, one-third of all listed books are a free download, either from Amazon, or Project Gutenberg, or The Internet Archive.

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The first activity to be set aside is reading books. An evil witch has trapped Rapunzel in a tower. Digital natives sufferring from the shortening attention span much more than their parents. Visit Our Youtube Channel. Code Stasis will make you see the past in a way you never imagined before, while also giving invaluable insights on a possible future.

Novels and novellas you can't miss, short stories, and most interesting non-fiction books. Best short books you can read in less than three hours. If you are not sure where to start, hacking by ankit fadia pdf this is a cool sample of our best sections Short stories list Stories by category Latest published stories Best rated stories. Interested in using our Stories? Connect to the growing family of people using educational stories.

Get in touch with a big community of readers. Prevent the abuse of computers. They are original and diverse, and all of them convey an important lesson to learn.

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