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The brink-of-despair double-dealings, tragedies, and triumphs all seemed to be drawn from the same script as Tai-Pan, but with a slight change of scenery. Popular fiction bordering on great. Thrump-O-Moto Hardcover ed. There are no angels, but many sympathetic characters, especially Dunross, a main character that is easy to get behind, but even he isn't perfect. That's a pretty heavy week, even for Hong Kong tycoon family.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dated or not I've got to read this and several of the authors works again for probably the first time in twenty or more years.

In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Interesting characters, scheming and intrigue that combine business, politics, and contemporary world events, and rich descriptions of life in Hong Kong.

The Asian Saga

To do this, he seeks partnership with an American millionaire, while trying to ward off his arch-rival Quillan Gornt, who seeks to destroy Struan's once and for all. However, his son John Chen learns the secret of the coin, steals it, and bargains it and its secret away to American businessman Lincoln Bartlett.

Other books in the series. Capitalists of different shades from the responsible to the robber baron variety are shown in the background of a culture where greed is seen as almost a virtue.

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Greed and intrigue and power are always sound subjects on which to build a tale. If this book is to believed their conversations mostly consist of insulting each other! One of the cool things is Clavell writes himself into this book as a reporter, Peter Marlow. Words are splattered across pages, and the pages churned out with merry abandon.

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The Chinese are shown to be utterly enigmatic yet totally rational. Dated or not I've got to read this and several of Popular fiction bordering on great. The reader is one of the few to know what is going on some of the time with most of the other people grasping at straws they only think may exist. This was his last completed novel at the time of his death.

He used to tell me of the day james Clavell came to interview him about that night. Novels are meant to be compelling, and one must admit that Clavell knows how to hold the reader's attention. Clavell was now in much demand as a filmmaker. In Clavell became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Noble House

In Noble House Marlowe is mentioned as having written a novel about Changi which, although fictionalized, is based on real events like those in King Rat. He asked that the Noble House give aid and sanctuary to Sun Yat-sen and to assist him to overthrow the Manchu dynasty. The story of the third coin is a major plot line in Noble House. The Asian Saga by James Clavell. James Clavell is known for his thick books, chess puzzles pdf this one is nearly pages long!

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Other obstacles include water shortages, landslides, bank runs and stock market crashes. Casey noticed it too, the moment Sven opened the door. When the book was published it became an immediate best-seller, and three years later it was adapted as a movie. Other enticing bits of the story could have been expanded on but were cast aside. It's not a huge part, but fun.

Best novel ever written, maybe. In when Struan's was on the brink of collapse, Dirk Struan received a loan of silver from the merchant Jin-qua in exchange for a series of favors. They went to war against us when we were only trying to protect freedom in South Korea.

Also, the reader for the audiobook version is amazingly versatile. Although there were press reports in the mids that a miniseries adaptation of Gai-Jin was planned, no production eventuated. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Overall it was a compelling read - I think the best indicator of whether you'll enjoy it or not is what you thought of Tai-pan. It doesnt really work as a thriller but if you thought Dynasty was too gritty and sober this does the trick.

He produced and directed Where's Jack? Some of the characters make appearances in multiple books, and many characters from one book are referred to in later books. After publishing Whirlwind, Clavell wrote a shorter version of the story which focused on two characters from the book. Not the best story, but some of the best characters out there. The second is the dialogue between the Hong Kong Chinese.

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For instance, Peter Marlowe is almost certainly a descendant of Lt. But none of that makes up for a plot that is too long and convoluted, and which takes pages to get moving. While trying to break into screenwriting he paid the bills working as a carpenter.

Wounded by machine gun fire, he was eventually captured and sent to a Japanese prisoner of war camp on Java. This book has a lot of intrigue and drama, but at the end it seems to be pieced all together nicely. He based his story around many real events, which he garnered from those very same socialites. Motivations are wonderfully done. For that reason, it is a good start to understanding how complicated it is and how many world powers and non have their mittens in the continued existence of Hong kong.