Macro To Convert Excel To Pdf And Email

Make sure you have the necessary info in this sheet email, date Cheers, Catalin. This is to overcome if a staff member leaves and the customer replies to the email of the staff who by then have left the business. Your username will be emailed to the email address on file. SendKeys method to send keystrokes to a particular window or application. Well, just as you said, the next step is to press the Debug button, that will highlight the line of code that fails.

Hi I need to do the procedure for converting range of sheets in a workbook for a list of many workbooks with different sheet ranges specified within those workbooks. You can also download the Excel Workbook at the end of this article and play around with the code.

How To Convert PDF To Excel Using VBA Tutorial 4 Code Examples

It will be easier to help you. Hi Sharon, Do you want to specify a different filename each time, or use the same filename?

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The issue I have is that the macro coding is specific to my user name i. How can I convert each worksheet to pdf and email each to different recipients in one go.

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First one is a stock file, where I keep the records of each item in the inventory such as description, cost, selling price, Tariff Code, etc. Hi Peter, In your code, you are using thisWb.

When I say that, the pdf is created and is an attachment in an email. So please guys help me out here.

By submitting your email address you agree that we can email you our Excel newsletter. So, What does this code actually do? Hi, The code by default will print the active sheet. Can i get some help with this? Both of these lines of code use the Dim statement to declare an object variable.

The count may be vary on daily basis I need to send the this data to daily basis to around company while body I have draft the details this table Details are not able to insert please advice. Is there anyway for it to create the pdf and e-mail to the address in a certain cell for each sheet all at once? Hi Faith, This code does what you want. If you could share this code i would be hugely beneficial with this code. Hi David, You can download the code from the bottom of the blog post.

All my codes work except for the. This statement is needed because it's required by the Worksheet. However, in certain situations, it can be helpful. Another option is to create a simple user form with a combobox that will allow you to select a folder from the drop down list. You might be wondering why should you ensure that scrolling is enabled if the only thing you want to do is select all the text.

Excel VBA Macro Create XLS to PDF & Email

Do you want to see the email before you send it? Wait method for purposes of pausing the execution of the sample macro until a particular time. Object model hierarchies have an object at the top.

Thank you for your assistance and sharing your knowledge with us. Are you using Excel or Earlier? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Your expertise will be appreciated. Hi Stephanie, Can you upload a sample file with your code so we can test it? No worries Martin, glad you got it resolved.

Hi there, Thank you for providing this. You might, however, be wondering whether there's a way to automate such processes.

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How do I automatically run the macro. It's easier to debug if we can see the whole macro!

Excel VBA Macro Create XLS to PDF & Email

Excel VBA Macro Create XLS to PDF & Email

Hi, how to choose a medical specialty pdf I am saving an excel worksheet as a. There are several ways in which you can control other applications from Excel.

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My code I copied is working, and I had someone help me and they changed a tad. Your assistance will be appreciated. Again you can set this to whatever you want, even using a cell to specify the folder.

When I run the macro, it prompts me to pick a location to save to, then it successfully creates and names the file and saves it there. Hi, This code has been a lifesaver, so thank you very much!

Where would I add the code into the above and what would it be? In other words, this is the line of code that opens the program you're using. Kutools for Excel includes more than handy Excel tools. Let us know if you managed to make it work Catalin. Please open a topic on the forum and supply your workbook.