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Criticism of the National Food Security Bill includes accusations of both political motivation and fiscal irresponsibility. The Act was criticized for not fixing parameters to decide the beneficiaries and the method of availing the benefit.

This may defeat the main agenda of the bill as the cash can be used to buy non-food items by the people. There is substance in this critique. The new initiative will put a burden of Rs.

The case also forms one of the major forces behind the national food security bill. International law recognizes the human right to adequate food. International recognition of Right to Food. The Food Bill does take a step ahead in that direction, word families list pdf although it could have done more on this front.

Under this cash can also be used to buy non-food items. The objectives of this Act also include setting new standards of delivery, transparency and accountability for social programs.

An Analysis of the National Food Security Act 2013

Nobody is claiming that it does, nor is that the purpose of the Bill. The Court stepped in to curb this menace in the public distribution system and issued several orders.

The petition also requests the court to order the central government to supply free food grain for all these schemes. Food security and insecurity in India. The bill, complimented with proper implementation can reduce the problem of food insecurity in India.

National Food Security Act

There have been many attempts to enact a legislation to protect the Indian population from malnourishment. Furthermore, the higher food subsidy burden on the budget will raise the fiscal deficit, exacerbating macro level inflationary pressures. The success of such initiative should be measured in terms of how many poor are able to pull themselves from poverty and become self-reliant in the coming years. Recently in Ami Prabal vs. The right to adequate food is important for the enjoyment of other rights.

With regard to implementation it is unclear if the Centre can require the states to allocate funds without encroaching on the powers of state legislative assemblies. Critics point out that that eradication of malnutrition requires more than just removal of hunger. The National Food Security Bill could be a game-changer for national food security if the government is able to overcome corruption and reduce leakage and wastage by involving the local bodies. Press Information Bureau, Government of India. The Food Security Act should ideally be an opportunity for the government to show its seriousness of purpose and commitment.

Many social, economic and political reasons have instigated its enactment. The entitlements and count of beneficiaries under the Central Food Act are different and the Act is supposed to be implemented by the state governments. This paper delves deeper into the shortcomings of the Act and emphasizes the need for proper legislation on the subject. It will also cover families headed by a destitute, a widow or a differently abled person.

First, the Bill does not provide a rationale for prescribing specific cut-off numbers for the share of the population included in priority and general groups. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Food security is necessary but not sufficient for nutrition security. There is nothing for the poor.

There are two issues with regard to these entitlements. This project determines the viability of the different provisions of National Food Security Act, by comparison and analysis of various sections. This case is one of the largest among the most complex litigations. The main concern is to put in place permanent arrangements to prevent hunger and starvation thus fulfilling the concept of right to food.

The bill has been highly controversial. It is unclear why objectives that are not directly related to food security have been included in the Bill.

National Food Security Act (NFSA)

The act focuses on legal food entitlements i. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. There is nothing in the Bill for the destitute and starving. It is also likely that because of the rising population, the food grain quantity will also increase.

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National Food Security Act

Members desired that the Reserve Bank impress on the government the need to address supply side constraints which are causing inflationary pressure, especially on the food front. Many activists say that for the bulk of the beneficiary population of the poor, just five kg per month per person is insufficient and have to buy rest of the ration from the open market. In cash transfer system, there is cash in the hands of poor which expands their choices and relieves financial constraints to some extent.

Your email address will not be published. But this scheme requires extensive banking network and may expose recipients to price volatility and inflation. Following on this, it asked the Supreme Court to intervene, by directing the government to provide subsidized food grain to all families among other directions on employment etc.

Thus, there will be confusion and implementation issues once the Bill is passed. Four decades ago, the Green Revolution made India surplus in wheat and rice that are high-calorie but low-nutrient food. States will have the flexibility to use the existing machinery or set up separate mechanism. The Right to Food Campaign finds the Bill extremely inadequate in offering food entitlements, and needs serious amendments before passage. This case forms one of the major instances which led the government to enact a legislation to cater to the right to food.

National Food Security Act 2013

The Standing Committee estimated that the value of additional food subsidies i. Also cash transfer programs involve low administrative costs because it does not need procurement, storage and distribution facilities. Every election, you bring up a measure. It also wants safeguards against commercial interference in any of the food related schemes.

The Bill says that the states are to provide the records of the poor but it is unclear whether they have accurate records for this. Rangarajan examined the Bill and made several recommendations.

The initial petition focused on the drought situation prevailing at that time, especially in Rajasthan, but the litigation now has a much broader scope. Therefore, given the rising costs of the scheme in coming years, its sustainability is questioned by many. Moreover, food grains could also be saved from wastage due to inadequate storage capacity.

National Food Security Act (NFSA)