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If Gon finds out about it, then it will affect him. For the love of god, give me the Dark Continent. Though it could be a parasite type where the sphere is the weapon, considering there was a human body that looked a bit like Brion but headless and a hole in its body? Then it comes down to a myriad of variables as to whether or not Tser can penetrate that field. But to clarify, I still believe that it is logical to assume they can die and if anything a highly likely path for the story to tread down.

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But I can now see even the lower princes and the princes with Hunter guards even dying now. Ren just means Full blast, it's not just having it full blast all over the body. And it's good that he has a nen beast that can attack on his behalf given the cockroach in the vents.

He can also maintain Zetsu go to the real world then go back. The third time you lie, you cease to be human. But a really fast punch hard guy. Even Neon could only predict a month in advance and the fortunes were mostly self-fulfilling prophecies, anyway, not guaranteed.

Philips Automotive brand automotive lamp. So of course the older Users might have different and desires which lead to some complex Nen beasts. Personally speaking, he needs to have some weaknesses or areas he's deficient without the excuse of being a prodigy in in order to keep him from trivializing everything else going around him. They were isolated on Greed Island literally could not leave unless they found the right card. But because nen has infinite potential you have counters in addition to people who can be better fighters or employ better tactics.

Once the side-effects wear off they can get their true results. He actually seems like a good king. Did you think it was a coincidence he recycled a previous cover referencing the last time the Troupe lost members? Like Tse a hatsu Nen beast separate from the jars can be fully developed just on knowing Nen and it just manifested, just how Neon got hers. Feels like I'm reading Malazan, but without the good writing or the interesting characters.

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The people who dont enjoy this arc honestly are just entitled brats. And you did notice Kurapika's got a death clause on his powers now and has several guns aimed at him right? You're still conveniently fitting in the pieces to what you want to see or expect.

Requires consent from the user. You're just an asshole at heart. This is the interesting one because Tserriednich is the third or so example of someone who manifested nen without their knowledge.

He has to go into Zetsu to be activated. Seems like by your terms, I've been backpedaling since the second reply. If it's round-trip he can be a bit more generous but it all revolves around the opportunity to hit people.

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An interesting position to take. The full quote you meant to use was.

Things can snowball and one way or another, this arc will be the end of Kurapika's main plotline. Another thing is that this ritual just creates a nen beast on the user, pursuing the good life pdf something other nen users can already do.

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The Dark Continent is going to end up extremely boring if almost everyone ends up dead before they even get there. Problem solved since you can't leave without his permission, same for any other conjurer that creates pocket dimensions. You're saying the argument is weak, but please explain how it's weak.

But rarely it sticks and even rarer, the main character dies from these kinds of things. Or Camille's mind control might not spread itself in a way that would benefit a large-scale conflict.

Location may be held within the hamster cage, dragon can attack. It wouldn't even matter because as a high prince of Kakin he's untouchable. But it provides no defense to Sale-sale himself so assassination is a high risk to him as he lacks any personal defense or initiative.

Half the episode will just be the narrator or somebody's internal voice ranting on and on and on and on. Only next big event is the party appraching the fake island and when the new king is made?

The only fact is that in an interview Togashi said that the Troupe and Kurapika would all die. If he tried to just wing it every week, it would take no time at all before he stumbled over himself and started making huge mistakes. And the Hunters and various mafias seek to maintain what flimsy power balance exists.

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Maybe just having created that is his limit and at best he could become an aura expert like Ging and learn to copy more basic abilities through sheer skill in aura manipulation. Fairly sure those are Sandwhich's work tools. Kinda want to see more of those criminal investigators. The second of those three to have a stated hatsu.

Which is shelve the main character. Tse had one that questions their judgment. My explanation that the questions were about movies because the interview was about the HxH movie makes far more sense.

We may never see Gon again because he accomplished his goal in finding his father and I feel like Togashi is bored of him anyway. Of the unknowns, Tyson, Tubeppa, and Zhang have the best potential in my speculation to pull great stuff out of their hats. Going by the page of Nasubi I posted above creatures of cunning are better than creatures of battle. Which is suppose is more admirable than doubling-down on an untenable position, but still. And Hisoka is still at large.

And for the most part, this arc has toned down the feats of superhuman fitness overall. Kind of like being trapped on a ship in the middle of dangerous waters with no escape?

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But Jupiter might also have restrictions on it's usage, like not being able to get summoned in places smaller than it's circumference. What Serpent Niche sees would then only be Theta's own predictions, hence why it only has a ten-second delay. Chrollo has permanent access to Sun and Moon as well so there is also that. This turned out longer than I thought it would be. Even so I think all of this was the ability of the first Nen beast.