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It was my first autofocus camera. Latest Discussions Mark S.

The was my first work camera while working in Vegas. Page Shutter-priority Auto Exposure Mode At a slow shutter speed freeze the action with or create motion effects by choosing in the Ns automatically selects the set. Lightly press the shutter release button. It is a really nice camera that was likely overlooked by a lot of photographers.

Hey John, I would guess that there is a way to fix the latch, but I haven't really looked into it. The camera still felt good in my hands. With Nikon advanced however, the light value darker parts an overall well-balanced exposure. The just feels good in your hand.

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But as a retired person, I don't think Nikon did as good a job with their camera as Todd did, with his story, when he started this thread. After looking at both at a local camera store, change secure pdf to unsecured I chose the Nikon over the Canon because it had a metal lens mount and felt better to my hand.

Also, the Nikon N introduced a command dial that allowed multiple functions and adjustments without turning the dedicated dials. Set the focus mode selector to M manual.

Page Lenses smaller, tion manual. Page Exposure Using the shutter speed and aperture dials of the Ns, you select three different automatic exposure control modes and one manual mode. Page Exposure Here's how it works. You can also develop the roll of film that was left inside.

If you find out a cheap way to make the fix, let me know! The Nikon N is not a legendary camera. Congratulations on your N purchase! My first Nikon Point-and-Shoot also had a battery door that broke.

You might fall in love with photography again! There was one other car in the parking lot when I arrived and, walking into the park, I passed that person as he was headed out. Enjoy the camera and good luck!

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This was the genesis of the Nikon control layout that exists to this day. This is the your prime consideration. For overall sharp, clear use smaller apertures. My impression was this was a known problem. If the battery chamber is contaminated by battery leakage, take the camera to an authorized Nikon dealer.

Hi Alexander, What kind of camera are you using for the star photos? My guess is that it would be cost-prohibitive to make the repair. Set aperture dial shutter speed dial to desi red speed. The Nikon has served you well.

The N was targeted at advanced amateurs and the was for beginners. Hey Patrick, Sounds like a good plan!

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Scene containing the sun or with high reflectivity If a scene contai ns highlights, such reflections, centerweighted metering renders the main as a silhouette. Not long after that you couldn't give that stuff away. Set aperture using lens aperture ring Filters with a large exposure factor may affect the camera's multi-sensor metering. Page Program Auto Exposure Mode This shows combination of aperture vertical shutter speed horizontal line. Shoot with it, don't sell it!

Always use fresh batteries of the same brand. Too bad the latch for the rear door wasn't metal! Thank you for the kind words, Nancy! Even though it was marketed in a lower position than the N, the N had an improved matrix metering system and predictive autofocus that could track moving objects. Unless lenses are shifted.

The N, with a suitable lens, seems to be a fine camera, for reasons described by Todd. If a famous photo was taken with it, I do not know about it. When replacing batteries, be sure replace all batteries at the same time.

Use fast shutter speeds to stop the action, slower speeds to create motion effects or less distinct outlines. You'll never know what you will find!

Ergonomically, it is a wonderful camera. Shooting the camera was like hanging out with an old friend. The chemicals, the darkroom, the paper, the film, the cost. It involved creating a hole in the existing latch and adding a tab and screw.

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Hundreds and hundreds of rolls of film. Hooked to a Sunpack it looked like the real deal, which got me pinned to several walls by bodyguards as there employer passed by.

Hey Ben, The N is the real deal. Was wondering if you had a advice on camera settings for long exposure pictures of the stars. But, the rest, especially the cost, is a deterrent. My Nikon N retired itself in the very place where I first used it.