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Use the screwdriver to rotate the cap. To adjust horizontally, pull the head Height adjustment restraint forwards. Stow the warning Stow the warning triangle in the triangle in the space behind the straps recess on the left side of the load on the inside of the tailgate. Page Vehicle care Clean seat belts with lukewarm water or interior cleaner.

The net pocket first in the upper groove of the rail and Insert the upper brackets of the box can be suspended from the adapters. Detach the cable from the retainer. Pull bulb from bulb holder and replace it. Liquid gas is given a particular odour odorised so that any leaks can be detected easily. Depress foot brake at the same time to reduce operating force.

Opel Astra Workshop & Owners ManualOPEL ASTRA OWNER S MANUAL Pdf DownloadVauxhall Workshop Manuals

Insert a screwdriver into the opening as far as it will go and move the selector lever out of P or N. When triggered the airbags inflate within milliseconds. Otherwise safe functionality is not guaranteed. Outside temperature Push lever.

The Astra was also available in a coupe convertible option during the fifth generation. For model year the Astra has been updated and is now better than ever. Have bulbs replaced by a workshop.


The bottom line displays the recorded distance in km. Page Driving and operating Press button L. Completely pull out the rear carrier system until you hear it engage. The correct dwell time depends on the battery voltage.

If the pressure is too low, this can result in considerable tyre warm- up and internal damage, leading to tread separation and even to tyre blow-out at high speeds. He shall always be ready to take action and apply the brakes.

Washer fluid is sprayed on the rear window and the wiper wipes a few Set the temperature control to the The heating is operated by pressing times. Page Info-display Instruments and controls displayed in descending order. Continued driving is possible. When the engine is not running, considerably more force is needed to brake and steer.

Opel Astra Workshop & Owners Manual

Page Washer Fluid Vehicle care the coolant concentration checked Caution and have the cause of the coolant loss remedied by a workshop. Purchase your eManual today to get started. Activate the manual parking brake without pressing the release button.

At least one air vent must be open In warm and very humid ambient air while the cooling is on. Page Storage Storage Storage Storage compartments The glovebox features a pen holder, a credit card holder and a coin holder. Rotate the bulb holder anticlockwise to disengage.

Page Filling adapter As filling systems are not standardised, oil and gas economics pdf different adapters are required which are available from Opel Distributors and from Opel Authorised Repairers. Opel Astra Owner's Manual pages. Our Vauxhall Astra workshop manual contains detailed instructions on how to make any repair necessary.

This function helps the driver The active emergency braking has pedal as the driving situation brake quicker and stronger before the limited or no function during rain, dictates. Page Driving and operating Disengage and fold down the socket. Retracting the rear carrier system Caution Stow the strap retainers accurately.

Control indicator m in instrument cluster illuminates green. Engine coolant The coolant provides freeze protection down to approx. Make sure that the cable clockwise.

The complete attention of the driver is always required while driving. Do not touch the bulb glass with bare hands. Screw the compressor air hose to versions.

Vauxhall Workshop Manuals Astra J Preface Other Information Title Page

Vauxhall Workshop Manuals Astra J Preface Other Information Title Page

Opel Astra Workshop & Owners Manual PDF s


The ignition system and Xenon headlights use extremely high Closing voltage. Open the doors by pulling the handles. There were four different petrol engine types available as well as four Diesel engine options.