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Posing Guide 21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Couples

Try different framings, take full height shots, half height ones and close-ups. This photo of their backs can be a great one when set up in a perfect environment. Changing these things can create a completely different pose.

While shooting, make sure you get more creative compositions like this one with the couple laying on the ground, shooting their profile. Have them make faces at you. Are they backpackers hiking through the mountains?

Not only will posing your subject in a different way change this message, but so will the angle of the camera. Both hands might as well be resting on the ground.

Shoot only slightly from a back. On the other hand, many clients find shooting from above more flattering. Shoot from a very low angle and focus on the eyes. It is a subtle way to emphasize upper body shapes.

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Folding their arms give them something to do with their hands. Have your couple dance or spin and click away!

If they are initially a bit shy or feeling uncomfortable, just ask them to show you how they felt and looked when they met for the first time. Remember that the model may use a wall not only to support her back, but also to put her hands on, or resting a leg against it. Then have them on the outside.

Easy starting pose standing face to face but looking to the camera and her holding an arm on his chest. The first rule of photographing women, and men for that matter, is to make them feel comfortable. Try having her smile, and then have her stop smiling.

Have one of them look at you while the other looks at their partner. You will invoke them on an emotional level, providing you with natural and loving expressions in their portraits. Use negative space to get more create shots, rather than just focusing in on the couple.

An exquisite pose for slim to athletic models. Generally a couple should be easy to engage in a photo shoot. This part of the guide covers basic posing ideas for photographing groups. Try getting more negative space and using the rule of thirds to balance out this composition.

Many of the shots are similar to those of the women. However, you might get creative by asking the model to play around with her hands trying different positions around her head or face. Try different placements for their hands to see what looks most comfortable for them. Have it go boy-girl-boy-girl, or boys on the outside and girls on the inside.

While it can feel awkward, usually the resulting portrait looks great! Make sure you get close up and wide shots while shooting. The model is turned slightly to the side, hands in back pockets.

Get down and take your shot nearly from the ground level. Note how unusual and interesting a portrait might look, if shot simply from a different angle.

By holding the hands above the head body curves are emphasized. The knees have to touch each other. Notice how the photo above has the girl putting both hands up to her cheeks. Endless variations are possible for posing in full height.

Sometimes shooting a couple may mean maternity photography. And most probably those are very deep and passionate feelings, buyback of shares pdf which makes couple photography so delightful and positive. He is the author of Posing App where more poses and tips about people photography are available. Keep in mind that each of the initial sample poses is meant to be only a starting point. This is the first in a series of Posing Guides with suggested starting poses for photographing different subjects.

This example shows the subject leaning slightly forward. Another similar pose to before of the whole body. The crucial part is her leg positioning, each leg should be bent in different angles.

Here s a closer look

Save this posing guide to your phone or print it out so you can bring it on your next photo shoot! Works also very well as a silhouette against a bright background, in front of a sunset, for example. Just a variation for a pose with the model lying on the ground. You might have to lie on the ground and use a wider lens to get this shot.

Just a variant with her holding him from behind. Have the model look over her shoulder. When you see a good variant, ask your model to hold still and take some pictures. The angle at which you shoot this kind of photo will have to be just right, but might end up being the most memorable shot!

Posing Guide 21 Sample Poses for Photographing Couples

Posing Couples 25 Sample Poses for Couples Photography

Photography poses pdf

Also ask your model to change head and hand positions. Similar to an above pose, this changes the way the couple is sitting and can be more natural for some couples.