Process Of Communication Pdf

Whenever you've had a conversation, texted a friend, or given a business presentation, you have engaged in communication. Communication process as such must be considered a continuous and dynamic inter-action, both affecting and being affected by many variables. The person to whom a message is directed is called the receiver or the interpreter. Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks.

Process of communication pdf

Like noise, context can have an impact on the successful exchange of information. It can be as literal as static over a phone line or radio or as esoteric as misinterpreting a local custom. It may have a physical, social, or cultural aspect to it. The communication process is dynamic in nature rather than a static phenomenon.

Any time two or more people get together to exchange messages, they are engaging in this basic process. The medium is a text message. Feedback may be direct, such as a written or verbal response, or it may take the form of an act or deed in response indirect.

Process of communication pdfProcess of communication pdf

Brenda wants to remind her husband, Roberto, to stop by the store after work and buy milk for dinner. Feedback is the process of ensuring that the receiver has received the message and understood in the same sense as sender meant it.

The Basic Elements of the Communication Process

Since the subject matter of communication is theoretical and intangible, its further passing requires use of certain symbols such as words, actions or pictures etc. The code is the English language they're using. This information is transmitted to the receiver through certain channels which may be either formal or informal. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Communication Process Definition The term communication process refers to the exchange of information a message between two or more people.

The person who receives the message or symbol from the communicator tries to convert the same in such a way so that he may extract its meaning to his complete understanding. For communication to succeed, both parties must be able to exchange information and understand each other. He texts back and then shows up at home with a gallon of milk under his arm.

The communication process isn't always so simple or smooth, california peace officers legal sourcebook pdf of course. Conversion of subject matter into these symbols is the process of encoding.

7 Major Elements of Communication Process

The term communication process refers to the exchange of information a message between two or more people. Although it seems simple, communication is actually quite complex, with a number of components. This is the subject matter of the communication. The receiver, in turn, responds to the sender, indicating comprehension. For that message to be received, the sender must first encode the message in a form that can be understood, such as by the use of a common language or industry jargon, and then transmit it.

In this example, the sender is Brenda.

The communication process reaches its final point when the message has been successfully transmitted, received, and understood. Receiver is the person who receives the message or for whom the message is meant for.

7 Major Elements of Communication Process

To comprehend the information from the sender, the receiver must first be able to receive the sender's information and then decode or interpret it. The person who is interested in communicating has to choose the channel for sending the required information, ideas etc. Text messages, for example, are transmitted through the medium of cell phones. Additional subtext can be conveyed through body language and tone of voice. She forgot to ask him in the morning, so Brenda texts a reminder to Roberto.

Communication may be defined as a process concerning exchange of facts or ideas between persons holding different positions in an organisation to achieve mutual harmony. It is the receiver who tries to understand the message in the best possible manner in achieving the desired objectives.