Road Signs In Germany Pdf

Pedestrian crossing Marks a crosswalk and indicates that pedestrians have the right-of-way. No use of hard shoulder as driving lane permitted. Mandatory direction of travel All traffic must continue straight ahead or turn right i.

Mandatory direction of travel All traffic must turn right here. Pedestrian crossing patrol. Bicycle street Motor vehicles allowed from opposite direction i. Stop You must come to a complete stop and give way to traffic on the intersecting road. Electric vehicles being charged with number.

Vorgeschriebene Fahrtrichtung, Geradeaus oder links - You must go straight or turn left. Lane crossover with width restriction All lanes cross over the median and the width restriction shown is in effect for the indicated lane s. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Some of the symbols are heirarchical in that they encompass other classes as well.

Road signs in germany pdf

Pass by on left All traffic must pass the obstacle on the left side i. Electric vehicles allowed. Access to neighbouring construction site allowed.

Road signs in germany pdf

Mandatory direction of travel All traffic must turn right. For cyclists and moped riders. Level crossing with barrier or gate ahead.

End of shoulder lane Do not drive on the shoulder past this point. If you found the information on this site helpful, please consider helping support it by making a small donation! Pedestrian path Pedestrians only. End of priority road You must yield at all subsequent intersections. This article has multiple issues.


Skiers crossing road at times shown. Skiers allowed to cross road. Unebene Fahrbahn - Uneven surfaces ahead, barista basics pdf bumpy road.

Weight limit Vehicles with an actual composite weight exceeding the indicated limit are prohibited. Port area rail traffic has priority.

Construction vehicles allowed. Motor vehicles Includes all multi-track motorized vehicles. Sonderweg Reiter - Bridleway.

No passing You may not overtake other vehicles except bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. Vehicles with red, yellow or green Low Emission Zone Sticker permitted.

Traffic restriction zone for reduction of air pollution Only vehicles displaying one of the indicated colored emissions inspection stickers are permitted. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. One way street Obsolete The street you are on is one way. Use of hard shoulder as driving lane permitted. Give priority to rail transport with danger of electrical wires overhead.

Bussonderfahrstreifen - Bus lane. Minimum speed limit by lane A new lane is added ahead and the minimum speed limit s shown applies to the indicated lane s. This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia's layout guidelines. Agricultural vehicles allowed. Verbot der Einfahrt - Do Not Enter.

Road signs in germany pdf

Tracked military vehicles. Parking can be a hassle no matter where you are, and today's driver faces an excess of seemingly arbitrary parking restrictions in almost every city across the globe. End of a low-emission zone.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid unnecessary travel stress when touring Germany. Additional Information about Driving in Germany. Thankfully, with the help of Auto Europe, you will have a comprehensive understanding of parking regulations in Germany in no time! Schneeketten sind vorgeschrieben - Snow chains must be carried in vehicle.

Accident hazard Marks an area where a high number of accidents have occurred. New Password Password must be characters and contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number and one special character. Access to construction site allowed.

Road signs in germany pdf

Do you know your voucher number? Vehicles carrying more than liters of water-pollutants. Erstehilfe oder Krankenhaus - First aid or hospital. Schleuder- oder Rutschgefahr - Slippery road water, ice, snow, oil or dirt. Mandatory direction of travel All traffic must continue straight ahead or turn left i.

Motorcycles and mopeds prohibited. Soft shoulder Obsolete Avoid driving on the shoulder.

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Tunnel Also shows the length of the tunnel. Sliding danger Used to warn of a downhill section with strong side winds that may cause a vehicle pulling a trailer to lose control. End of fast traffic highway. Some examples of the more common combinations are below.

Taxi rank no stopping or parking allowed. Operational and utility vehicles allowed. Botswana Mauritius South Africa Zimbabwe.