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He knows this could lead to his dismissal. Abigail's assurance they'll be whipped for dancing, and her threats to hurt them if they don't adhere to the details she demands them to follow, make them choose their conditions over waking up. Parris does not care about Betty's well-being or the rumors of witches practicing their sorcery in his parish. As a result of their deadly encounters with the Indians, many villagers judge people with a different skin color negatively. Parris saw the girls dancing around in the woods the previous night.

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What is the function of Rebecca Nurse in the play? Why has Reverend Parris sent for a doctor as the play begins? Their fear of the effect Tituba's incantations might bring and their guilt for disobeying the values they are expected to follow add to their trauma. What happened in the past between John Proctor and Abigail?

When Abigail is questioned by Reverend Hale, whom does she blame? The two men brush off Putnam's bullying, como domesticar a tus papas pdf gratis which infuriates him. Proctor contends he bought the land from Francis Nurse.

He understands the province's laws regarding witchcraft and land ownership. Why does Abigail say she was dismissed by the Proctors? They fear their neighbors will shun them for any negative rumors about their private lives, religious beliefs, or parenting skills. Putnam contacted Tituba because Mrs. Chicago Bibliography Course Hero.

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What threat does Abigail make to the other girls? She wants to be the hero, she wants the attention so she can get out of trouble. Putnam claims Nurse had no right to the land he inherited from his father. Mostly, he is anxious about how the townspeople will judge him because his daughter was part of the dancing to the intonations of Tituba's songs. Corey jumps into the fray to support Proctor's assertion that the older Putnam bequeathed land he never owned to his sons.

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He continually worries some parishioners want him fired. Betty Parris reveals that the girls did more than just dance- Abigail had drunk chicken blood and placed a spell or charm to kill Elizabeth Proctor. What did Parris see in the woods the previous night? Corey's innocent question gives Thomas Putnam the idea to use witchcraft to exact revenge on the man who often opposes him and to gain land he covets.

Reverend Parris Characters. They rely on the church and government officials for understanding. Not wanting to shine a negative light on their responsibilities, the adults eagerly accept Abigail's confession. She knows the fear of witchcraft is a perfect catalyst for her vengeful plot. Putnam wanted Tituba to conjure up her dead babies to find out who killed them.

For making her laugh during church. What does Parris question his niece Abigail about?

Rumors have spread that Betty had flown. What does Giles Corey reveal to Reverend Hale? She accuses John's wife, Elizabeth, of hating her for not being her slave and blames her for turning the other women against her with her dirty looks. Putnam says that someone saw her flying over a barn. John Proctor and Abigail had an affair when she worked for him.

How does each of them feel about it now? What does Betty Parris reveal about what happened in the woods? How does John Proctor feel about Reverend Parris?

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When his two adversaries mention their plan to haul the lumber to Proctor's home, Putnam threatens to fight them in court. Who does Abigail accuse of conjuring spirits at this point? He says he would cut off his hand before he reaches for her again. He will not allow Corey, Proctor, and their ally Francis Nurse to stand in his way of adding to his acreage. Ever since John Proctor ended his affair with Abigail seven months ago, she feels he still wants to be with her as much as she does with him.

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Since they live in a theocracy, people are supposed to read only the Bible and the reading material the church and governing authorities select. Rather, his concern is for himself and the damage Betty might do to his reputation. Abigail threatens to kill the girls if they say anything more about what they did in the woods.

What is the dispute between John Proctor and Thomas Putnam? Because of their obedience to the laws, people tend to distrust those who read what they choose and deem it heretical before they even try to understand it. As the minister, he is ashamed for not ensuring that his daughter, Betty, follow the church's teachings. People construe this as proof the Devil is seeking followers in Salem because they want to believe it.