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First, attach the sling to the hoisting fixture provided on the thrust reverser hinge upper beam. Before the manual deployment of the translating sleeves some precautions have to be taken in the cockpit. On the thrust reverser system electrical receptacle, reconnect the electrical connector. Four hinges hold each door at the pylon.

First open the fan cowl door and install the hoisting sling. The system also deals with the cooling and pressurizing airflows.

Notice the hold-open brace which holds the thrust reverser cowl door in the open position. We will now see a presentation of the borescope equipment. Carefully lift and disengage the thrust reverser cowl door from the pylon hinges.

To support the engine during removal and transportation fixtures are installed at handling points on the fan case and also on the turbine rear frame. The fan case and engine core compartments, which make the nacelle, are ventilated to supply airflow around the engine during its operation.

To prevent the compressor surge the stall effects are controlled through the methods of airflow control. The air is guided and diffused around the combustor through the diffuser case inner and outer walls. Disengage and store the hold-open rods. For troubleshooting and leak isolation the drain mast body has separate drains identified and visible with the cowls closed.

Once the tension is relieved, release the five latches at all positions, aft, center and forward. The start valve is opened. Before operating, check that the flexible shaft is correctly engaged inside the manual drive, then insert a speed wrench into the manual drive shaft and deploy the translating sleeves. Using the adjustment handle, align the hoisting plate to the witness mark. Finally perform a leak test.

The valve is fully open at low engine speeds and closed to minimum-flow position at high engine speeds. Reverse is manually selected by the flight crew by lifting the latching levers on the throttle control levers. The extend side of the actuators is opened via the directional control valve to the hydraulic return.

The high compressor exit guide vanes, the turbine nozzle assembly and the No. Unload the hand pump until the rods hold the weight of that half. This warning appears when both resolvers on one throttle lever are faulty.

First, unlock the four tension latches on the engine centerline. Minimum idle can be modulated up to approach idle depending on air conditioning, engine anti-ice and wing anti-ice demands. Each element permits to attach at its ends the chain pulley blocks assembly and dynamometers that are used to lower or to lift the transportation stand attached to the engine. Lift the cowl door from the dolly, vibraciones mecanicas william seto pdf and carefully position the cowl door onto the pylon. In the combustion section the gases increase their energy with a controlled combustion process.

On the right fan cowl door, an access is provided for the start valve manual operation, to an override square drive. The engine exhaust cone makes the inner contour of the common nozzle exhaust collector. The directional valve is operated to deploy only. Each subsystem includes an ignition exciter, a coaxial shield ignition lead and an igniter plug.

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Fluid drained from the oil tank scupper, fuel diverter valve and gear box mounted accessories, is independently routed to the drain mast. Each channel can control the different components of the engine systems. After that, on the lower actuator move the lock lever to the unlocked position, this releases the actuator and permits manual deployment. The removal and installation of the engine requires the installation of a bootstrap system on the aircraft pylon. Xaviero Nieto Rivadeneira.

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The bootstrap system is composed of two elements, to be installed at the front and at the rear of the pylon. The deactivation procedure has two parts. In the thrust reverser, the translating sleeves are also installed with acoustic panels.

Two ports are installed on the oil tank, one for pressure and one for overflow. The channel in control manages the system. The aft mount is made to be fail-safe. The air intake cowl is bolted onto the front of the fan case flange.

Between the supply line and the No. The other channel calculation is used for crosschecking. Then on the opposite side attach the sling to the upper hoisting points and secure it.

With the translating sleeves deployed the cascades are accessible. Only some secondary parameters used for monitoring and indicating are single. It is attached to the inner flange of the turbine exhaust case. When the deploy sequence is commanded the pressure in the lower actuators releases the locks as the four actuator pistons move rearward to deploy the reverser.

Joanne Bernadette Caballo Aguilar. Moving the deactivation lever to the inhibit position prevents the pressurizing valve from supplying hydraulic pressure to the reverser actuators. Make sure that the tubes are not stressed, this can cause damage. Reconnect all lines and electrical harnesses to the pylon interfaces.

As the translating sleeve moves aft during deployment, it raises blocker doors to redirect the engine fan airflow. Make a note of the position of the bolts because they must be put at the same place during the installation. The oil system is a dry sump full flow type system. The front lip of the combustor inner liner makes a seal with the inner diameter of the combustor hood.

On the engine bottom centerline, engage and latch correctly both thrust reverser halves together. Finally lock the cradle to the trolley. The thrust reverser system is of the aerodynamic blockage type. The two-position diverter valve works by managing the fuel recirculation inside the engine fuel system.

The second fan cowl door is opened in the same way. This bearing is a split inner race ball bearing. The second fan cowl door is closed in the same way. Do not use power tools in the manual drive sockets. These accelerometers are also used for fan trim balance.

Lift the door with the hoist and gain access to the hinges. Now the adjustment nut of the take-up device is loosened to disengage the take-up device which is then stored on its storage bracket.

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