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For the low-level L th layer, since the coefficient amplitude is large, a larger interval can be set. However, an intelligent choice of the discarded coefficients makes the degradation imperceptible to a point and graceful beyond that point.

Moletronics- an invisible technology. Her research interests include animation and Digital media art.

Some general purpose compression programs can be used to compress images, but the result is less than optimal. Uncompressed multimedia data requires considerable storage capacity and transmission bandwidth. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Renewable Energy Technology in Power Generation.

Therefore, if the unified model research on multiple aspects of image application will undoubtedly promote the application of image processing technology. Here the reconstructed image after compression is numerically identical to the original image. It is precisely because of the importance of image processing technology that many researchers have begun research on image processing technology and achieved fruitful results. This paper mainly uses wavelet transform to analyze the image in different frequency bands to achieve the effect of frequency analysis. These noise data will often become isolated pixels.

An image reconstructed following lossy compression contains degradation relative to the original. About the authors Zaozhuang University, No. Wavelet transform has been successfully applied in many fields of image processing technology.

The first row from left to right are the original image, plus the noise map and the filtered map. Lossless compression consists of those techniques guaranteed to generate an exact duplicate of the input data stream after a compress or expand cycle. For unified modeling, the wavelet decomposition used in this paper uses three layers of wavelet decomposition, and Daubechies is chosen as the wavelet base. According to the method described in this paper, the image correlation coefficient and peak-to-noise ratio of the original image after watermarking are calculated. It is the compressor of graphics for storage or transmission.

Invisible Eye- Advanced Security System report. This paper describes the relationship between two images before and after image encryption by correlation. In image noise removal, commonly used methods include a mean filter method, an adaptive Wiener filter method, a median filter, and a wavelet transform method. This source of noise is varied and is mainly derived from the transmission process and the quantization process. The degree of ambiguity is proportional to the radius of the field.


In order to achieve digital image secrecy, in practice, the two-dimensional image is generally converted into one-dimensional data, and then encrypted by a conventional encryption algorithm. The purpose of image compression is to reduce redundant information in image data and store and transmit data in a more efficient format. Correspondingly, watermark detection and extraction can also be performed directly in the compressed domain data. Quote these posts now or deselect them.

Wavelet Video Processing Technology REPORT

Wavelet Video Processing Technology

First of all, digital image processing technology can help people understand the world more objectively and accurately. Digital media image processing technology mainly includes denoising, encryption, compression, storage, and many other aspects. Application research of digital media image processing technology based on wavelet transform.

She received a Master degree from Bohai University, P. Lina, Zhang was born in Jining, Shandong, P. In the image processing, there are also many research teams using wavelet transform as a processing method, introducing their own research and achieving good results.

It can be seen that the wavelet transform can achieve image compression well. The results show that the model has achieved good results.

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Quantum Information Technology. The neighborhood averaging method strongly suppresses the noise and also causes the ambiguity due to the averaging. Therefore, the research on image processing technology is very important, but most of the research on image processing technology is focused on a certain aspect.


The Daubechies wavelet is a wavelet function constructed by the world-famous wavelet analyst Ingrid Daubechies. Kwon, Image interpolation for high-resolution display based on the complex dual-tree wavelet transform and hidden Markov model. The biggest characteristic of the wavelet transform is that it can better represent the local features of certain features with frequency, and the scale of the wavelet transform can be different. Unlike ordinary text information, images and videos are temporal, spatial, visually perceptible, waseet pdf alex and lossy compression is also possible. Intelligent Wireless Video Camera.

Because of the image acquisition, processing, etc. For example, in remote sensing technology, space probes use compression coding technology to send huge amounts of information back to the ground.

Digital multimedia processing technology is an organic whole. Transmission Enhancement Technology Report.

All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Personalised recommendations. He received a Master degree from Monash University, Australia. The extraction of the watermark is determined by the embedded method, which is the inverse of the embedded mode.

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In the image processing, in order to facilitate the further processing of the image, the frame of the image is first highlighted by the method of binarization. Noise is an important factor that interferes with the clarity of an image. The research results of unified modeling on various aspects of image processing technology are still rare. Compression is basically of two types. However, the application of image processing technology is a system engineering.

The wavelet coefficient pairs of the basis functions corresponding to adjacent spatial locations, directions, and scales are found to be non-Gaussian in their edges and joint statistical properties. The lower the rule, the more regular it is, and the more likely it is to be cracked. The decoder uses a statistical model to predict coefficient values based on the bits it has received.

This is the type of compression used when storing data base records, spread sheets or word processing files. The more coefficients the technique discards, the higher the compression ratio but also the greater degradation of the reconstructed image. It is very powerful and can recognize thousands of colors, but in many cases, the image is blurred or even invisible to the human eye.

Lossless compression can only achieve a modest amount of compression. In order to realize the transmission of image information quickly, image compression is also a research direction of image application technology. Image Verification Please enter the text contained within the image into the text box below it.